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Turntables and Takedowns: DJ Immortal’s Electrifying Set at the 2002 Pro-Am Competition

Performer(s): DJ immortal

In 2002, DJ Immortal, a burgeoning star in the DJ battle scene, showcased his extraordinary skills at the prestigious Pro-Am Competition, an event celebrated for its deep roots in the hip-hop culture and its revolutionary approach to street dance and DJ competitions. Hosted by Hip Hop Elements, the Pro-Am not only spotlighted the art of DJing but also integrated explosive breakdancing, setting the stage for a memorable performance by DJ Immortal that resonated through the world of hip-hop.

The Pro-Am Phenomenon:

Founded by Richard “Bboy Speedy Legs” Fernandez, Hip Hop Elements has been a cornerstone in the hip-hop community, especially known for the Miami Pro-Am. This event was groundbreaking in its comprehensive showcase of hip-hop’s diverse elements, including DJing, MCing, breakdancing, and graffiti. By 2002, Pro-Am had become a cultural epicenter, drawing talent and audiences globally, making it the perfect platform for DJ Immortal to exhibit his mastery.

DJ Immortal: A Profile in Mastery:

DJ Immortal, born Jamie Keogh, entered the DJ scene inspired by icons like DJ Laz and Magic Mike. His journey from spinning records at local house parties to dominating DJ battles illustrates a profound dedication to his craft. By the time he hit the stage at the 2002 Pro-Am, Immortal had already established himself as a formidable competitor, known for his innovative techniques and dynamic performances.

The 2002 Performance:

During the 2002 Pro-Am, DJ Immortal delivered a set that was both technically complex and visually captivating. His performance included a series of skillful manipulations and scratch routines that showcased his precision and timing, all while breakdancers complemented his beats with their acrobatic moves. This interaction between DJ and dancers highlighted the symbiotic relationship between different elements of hip-hop, celebrating its collaborative spirit.

Impact and Legacy:

DJ Immortal’s performance at the Pro-Am not only cemented his reputation as a top-tier DJ but also reflected the broader impact of the event in promoting hip-hop culture. The Pro-Am’s focus on separating various dance styles into distinct categories allowed talents like Immortal to shine in their specific art form, pushing the boundaries of what was expected at hip-hop events.


DJ Immortal’s electrifying performance at the 2002 Pro-Am Competition stands as a testament to his skills and the enduring significance of the Pro-Am in the landscape of hip-hop. It was not just a display of individual talent but a celebration of hip-hop’s rich and diverse culture, paving the way for future generations of artists. As DJ Immortal continues to influence the DJ community through teaching and performances, his legacy remains intertwined with the Pro-Am, an event that has shaped the trajectory of hip-hop worldwide.

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