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Echoes of Hip-Hop: Chopp Devize and Xavier Hawk at Kevro Art Bar

Performer(s): Xavier Hawk, Chopp Devize

On a memorable evening in on 9/11/2007 at Kevro Art Bar in Delray Beach, two unique figures, Chopp Devize and Xavier Hawk, graced the stage, hosted by the renowned Renda Writer. The event was not just a musical performance but a showcase of how open mic nights can be a launching pad for artists poised to make significant impacts in their fields.

The Venue: Kevro Art Bar

Kevro Art Bar, was known for its eclectic ambiance and as a hub for local artists, provided the perfect backdrop for the event. The intimate setting allowed for a close interaction between the performers and the audience, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of lyrical prowess and rhythmic beats.

Chopp Devize: From Open Mics to Hip-Hop Renown

Chopp Devize, born in 1978, has lived a life steeped in hip-hop. Known for his super lyrical and often fast flow, Chopp’s career started in the gritty arenas of B-boy Masters pro-ams and burgeoned through performances across South Florida. His journey through the hip-hop scene saw him collaborating with iconic names like Doodlebug of Digable Planets and Killah Priest of Wu Tang. His performance at Kevro Art Bar was a reflection of his journey, showcasing his deep roots in hip-hop culture and his ability to electrify an audience with his dynamic delivery.

Xavier Hawk: The Multifaceted Maverick

Xavier Hawk, marking his presence as not just an artist but as an innovator, brought a unique energy to the stage. Beyond his musical endeavors, Hawk is a pioneer in blockchain technology, permaculture, and sustainable business models. His performance intertwined his lyrical talent with his passion for social and environmental change, echoing his belief in using music as a tool for transformation.

Renda Writer: The Artistic Anchor

Hosted by Renda Writer, whose own background as a “Handwritten Artist” and spoken word poet added layers of depth to the event, the evening was a testament to the power of words and art. Renda’s presence underscored the evening’s theme of creativity and the impact of artistic expression.

A Night of Musical Mastery

The performances by Chopp Devize and Xavier Hawk highlighted their foundational experiences in open mic settings, where raw talent meets opportunity. The event at Kevro Art Bar allowed them to revisit their roots in an environment that values authentic expression.

Legacy and Inspiration

The journey of both artists from open mic nights to influential figures in their respective domains illustrates the profound impact such platforms can have on individual careers. For Chopp Devize, it’s about continuing to evolve in hip-hop, while for Xavier Hawk, it’s about merging his musical creativity with his entrepreneurial ventures.


The night at Kevro Art Bar was more than just a concert; it was a celebration of growth, history, and the future of hip-hop and innovation. As Chopp Devize and Xavier Hawk performed, they not only brought their music to life but also their journeys, inspiring a new generation of artists and thinkers. The event, expertly woven together by Renda Writer, served as a reminder of the transformative power of open mic nights in the artistic and personal development of performers.

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