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Harmonicas and Guitars: The Melodic Collaboration of Murray Rivette and Andrew Bayuk at Kevro’s Art Bar

Performer(s): Andrew Bayuk

On a memorable evening in September 2007, the once vibrant Kevro’s Art Bar in Delray Beach, Florida, resonated with the unique blend of blues and folk music, as two distinct artists, Murray Rivette and Andrew Bayuk, came together for a performance that would leave an indelible mark on their audiences. Known respectively as “Murray the K” and a dynamic folk artist, these musicians brought their rich histories and diverse musical tastes to the stage, creating a night of nostalgic melodies and soul-stirring rhythms.

Murray Rivette: A Life in Blues

Murray Rivette, affectionately known as Murray the K, is not just a seasoned harmonica player but a vibrant storyteller whose life in music is as colorful as the tunes he plays. Rivette, who humorously noted his octogenarian status at the performance, carries a legacy of music that traces back to the golden era of Hollywood, with influences from classic films like “Casablanca.” His rendition of “As Time Goes By” not only showcased his harmonica skills reminiscent of Stevie Wonder but also his vocal charm akin to his admired performer, Louis Armstrong.

Despite challenges, including a near miss in a songwriting contest with his “Home Foreclosure Blues” — a poignant reflection of the South Florida housing crisis — Murray’s humor and resilience shine through. His music, infused with personal tales and a deep connection to the blues tradition, captures the essence of life’s highs and lows, making every performance a heartfelt experience.

Andrew Bayuk: Folk Roots and Rock Inspirations

Andrew Bayuk, a figure synonymous with powerful folk and rock music, brings an electrifying presence to the stage. His music, characterized by a compelling mix of acoustic and electric guitar, draws influence from icons like the Beatles and John Lennon, resonating with a broad and eclectic audience. Bayuk’s ability to weave lyrical narratives with a vibrant, foot-stomping rhythm creates an immersive listening experience.

Beyond his musical talents, Andrew is a passionate advocate for social issues, often reflecting themes of peace, environmental conservation, and societal justice in his songs. His involvement with ancient Egypt, including his musical tributes and his role in maintaining significant educational websites, highlights his multifaceted interests and deep cultural engagement.

The Night at Kevro’s Art Bar

The collaboration between Murray Rivette and Andrew Bayuk at Kevro’s Art Bar was more than a musical event; it was a fusion of histories, cultures, and stories. Each artist brought their unique flair to the performance, with Murray’s blues harmonica complementing Andrew’s robust guitar play. The duo’s rendition of “Rocking Baby” symbolized a meeting of eras and genres, creating a harmonious blend that captivated the audience.

Legacy and Influence

The paths of Murray Rivette and Andrew Bayuk, though distinct, intersect at the love for music that speaks to and from the soul. Their performance at Kevro’s Art Bar remains a testament to their enduring artistry and the profound impact of bringing diverse musical worlds together. As they continue to inspire and entertain, their music not only recalls the past but also speaks to the present, urging us to listen, reflect, and, most importantly, feel.


Murray Rivette and Andrew Bayuk’s performance at the now-defunct Kevro’s Art Bar is a poignant reminder of the power of music to connect us across different walks of life. It serves as an enduring snapshot of their musical journey and an invitation to explore the depth and breadth of blues and folk music. Through their notes and narratives, they continue to inspire a new generation of musicians and music lovers alike. 

Murray The K & Andrew Bayuk @ Kevro Art Bar,Delray Beach – 9-11-07

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