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Johnny Dangerously Interview

In the vibrant tapestry of electronic dance music (EDM), few names resonate with the pioneering spirit and cultural influence of Johnny Dangerously. Known for his pivotal role in shaping the rave scene in South Florida, Johnny has carved a niche that extends beyond the sunny beaches of the state to influence the global EDM community.

The Scene

DJ AurFresh (R-Fresh) Interview

In an enlightening interview, R Fresh, a notable figure in the South Florida electronic music scene, shares his journey from a novice DJ to a revered icon in the dance music world. He reminisces about the early days of crafting mixtapes that blended a myriad of influences from hip-hop to house, each track a testament to the vibrant culture of Miami. Reflecting on the evolution of his career, R Fresh discusses the challenges and triumphs that have marked his path, and his enduring passion for not just playing music but creating experiences that resonate deeply with his audience. As he looks to the future, R Fresh expresses a strong desire to mentor the next generation, ensuring that the pulse of the electronic dance music scene continues to throb with innovation and connection.

The Scene

Yamin Pardo – Florida Club Kid

Yamin Pardo, a Miami native, shares a vivid narrative of his journey through the pulsating heart of the ’90s rave scene. His reflections provide an intimate look at the cultural explosion of electronic music and the transformative experiences within the underground clubs that defined an era. Pardo’s tales from iconic spots like The Edge in Fort Lauderdale reveal how these venues were more than just nightclubs; they were the classrooms where he and many others learned the rhythms of a new youth movement.

About the Video Interview

In the accompanying video interview, Yamin Pardo delves deeper into his rave culture adventures, his voice bringing to life the colorful and dynamic world of ’90s Miami’s electronic music scene. The video captures the essence of his experiences, from the eclectic and often outrageous outfits to the groundbreaking tracks that became anthems of the era. Pardo’s animated storytelling and nostalgic recollections paint a vivid picture of a bygone but unforgettable chapter in the history of dance music.

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Harmonicas and Guitars: The Melodic Collaboration of Murray Rivette and Andrew Bayuk at Kevro’s Art Bar

On a memorable evening in September 2007, the once vibrant Kevro’s Art Bar in Delray Beach, Florida, resonated with the unique blend of blues and folk music, as two distinct artists, Murray Rivette and Andrew Bayuk, came together for a performance that would leave an indelible mark on their audiences. Known respectively as “Murray the K” and a dynamic folk artist, these musicians brought their rich histories and diverse musical tastes to the stage, creating a night of nostalgic melodies and soul-stirring rhythms.

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Turntables and Takedowns: DJ Immortal’s Electrifying Set at the 2002 Pro-Am Competition

In 2002, DJ Immortal, a burgeoning star in the DJ battle scene, showcased his extraordinary skills at the prestigious Pro-Am Competition, an event celebrated for its deep roots in the hip-hop culture and its revolutionary approach to street dance and DJ competitions. Hosted by Hip Hop Elements, the Pro-Am not only spotlighted the art of DJing but also integrated explosive breakdancing, setting the stage for a memorable performance by DJ Immortal that resonated through the world of hip-hop.

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The Poetic Strains of Steve Minotti’s ‘Butterfly’ at Kevro’s Art Bar

On the poignant date of September 11, 2007, South Florida’s own Steve Minotti graced the stage at the now-defunct Kevro Art Bar in Delray Beach. It was here that he performed “Butterfly,” a song that captures the delicate nature of love and freedom. This performance not only showcased Minotti’s lyrical depth but also highlighted his extensive musical career, resonating deeply with his audience.

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Florida Spoken Word Poetry – HATE by Yanatha

Yanatha Desouvre, a spoken word poet, author, and filmmaker, delivered a stirring performance of his poem “HATE” at the Kevro Art Bar. His work, deeply rooted in personal and societal struggles, explores themes of hatred and its consequences. Here’s a detailed breakdown of his performance and background.

Yanatha the Poet @ Kevro Art Bar Delray Beach – 9-11-07

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Echoes of Hip-Hop: Chopp Devize and Xavier Hawk at Kevro Art Bar

On a memorable evening in on 9/11/2007 at Kevro Art Bar in Delray Beach, two unique figures, Chopp Devize and Xavier Hawk, graced the stage, hosted by the renowned Renda Writer. The event was not just a musical performance but a showcase of how open mic nights can be a launching pad for artists poised to make significant impacts in their fields.

Underlab Show

Capturing the Beat: Fresh Air Fund’s Live Showcase at Underlab Media’s Summer Variety Show

2007 Fresh Air Fund – Butta VS. and D.Schwartz Rip the Mic at ULS Media’s Summer Variety Show – Ft.Lauderdale.

In the heart of Fort Lauderdale, a night of explosive musical talent unfolded as the Fresh Air Fund, featuring the dynamic rappers Butta Verses and D. Schwartz, took center stage at Underlab Media’s Summer Variety Show. The event, hosted by the acclaimed Renda Writer, brought together an array of independent artists, but it was Butta and D. Schwartz who stole the spotlight, delivering performances that resonated deeply with the audience.

Underlab Show

Artistic Alchemy: Renda Writer at Kevro Art Bar

On a poignant evening at Kevro Art Bar in Delray Beach on September 11, 2007, Renda Writer, a spoken word artist and “Handwritten Artist,” performed a stirring piece that exemplified his journey from spoken word poet to a visionary artist. The performance was not only a display of his lyrical prowess but also a deep dive into the ethos that underpins his artistic philosophy.

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