A Man bothered by his family while cooking dinner for his family, but a horrific secret is revealed about his father's recipie for Gravy.

Underlab Studios is excited to announce our latest project currently in production - The Scene: 90's South Florida Rave Culture. 

2 Years ago on my way to Candyland, one of the longest running parties in South Florida put together by Culture, I discussed with my long time pal David James about doing a documentary about the 90's rave scene we were both a part of. It turns out during the time David James had filmed notable parties such as Zen 96' and The 1st Ultra Music Festival. 

When I got his footage and looked at it, I felt as if I was teleported to a period of time I thought was long lost. It was my Woodstock. It was my Studio 54. It was my Limelight. It was the time of my rebellious youth when I was engulfed in the life of partying hard and listening to music so far ahead of it's time it took this particular decade of the 90's to catapult it into the mainstream gargantuan it is today. 

What I liked the most is footage of respected members of the scene - DJ Eclipse who passed away a few years ago after a successful career in music production and MC Hi-Fi, a drum and bass star in the making taken away from us way too early.  

If you are a DJ, Performing Artist, Promoter, or True Old School Head with a story to tell about your experience during the 90's Rave Scene in South Florida, or if you have Photos, Video Footage you'd like to share please contact: 

David James
Executive Producer of "The Scene"
Associate Producer, Entertainment Factory, LLC
O. (877) 600-FILM (3456)
C. (954) 839-5158



DJ's / Performers: Scratch D (Dynamix II), Prizm, Johnny Dangerously, Hempey, Confusion, Bass Nacho, Justin Scott, DJ Trails, Audio Botz

Promoters: Jason Donovan (Zen Festival)

Party Goers: Lex One, Jodi Bass Monkey, Erika Kay, Sheri Bomb, Jay Bass, Lil Laz (Fever Crew), Yamin Pardo(rave encyclopedia)



A Dark Comedy about a Hypochondriac Serial Killer that has bad session with his Dominatrix Mistress. 

Original New Times Article (Sat., Aug. 22, 9 p.m., 2009) - 

If there really were an explosion this Saturday at Cinema Paradiso, this is what the authorities would find in the rubble: artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, performers, beer bottles, and movie candy. Organized by Under Lab Studios, a self-described “emerging artist movement,” The Auteur Explosion is a monthly event that seeks to bring together local practitioners of the creative arts. 

The ninth incarnation of this cultural hoedown will feature live music by Pretty Please, Casual Suspects, and MindYou; a tango and contortion show by two women calling themselves “the Jade Goddess and Vanessa Goz”; films by Neranjan Venom, Chi-Chi TV, and Andrew Colton; and art by Kris Garloff, Bhavna Bhen, and Angela Wilford. The evening begins at 9 and doesn’t quit until 2 the next morning. Admission is free. 
Sat., Aug. 22, 9 p.m., 2009

 As I walk up to the so familiar door with a stenciled "1835" imprinted on its face, I felt a bit of sadness as if I was walking into a funeral. See, this would the last time this small warehouse turned recording studio would ever be called Reverse Polarity Studios. You may have heard of the name, or perhaps some of the names that have branched out from this conglomerate family tree such as: DJ Immortal, The 7D, Underlab Studios, Hip Hop Elements, Renda Writer, Nocternal Music and so many more. All of these people have called 1835 Mears Pkwy in Margate, "home" or "office" at some point during its life.

f these walls could talk, they would say nothing because Reverse don't snitch. They will simply say "Shit went down, and great music was made."

I opened the door and was greeted by Flawless the MC as I walked right up to the middle of a blunt cipher and I just so happened to be NEXT. My timing is impeccable. Always. As we blazed, some still seemed in disbelief of this proverbial fork in the road. Was this DENIAL? Are we grieving? I pondered. 

I looked around to flashing memories vividly embodying me as if it were a quantum leap to the days I watched DJ Immortal giving private DJ lessons (a precursor to his now heavy involvement with SCRATCH ACADEMY) while I sat on the couch sketching my next painting. I thought of Jared Cole and his guitar. I thought of DJ Reakt who tagged his name on the now visible hard concrete floor. I thought of the now defunct Mother's Pub (next door to Reverse), where Browards - and sometimes Miamis - top MC's like Raw Filth and Surgeon General constantly battled it out. I thought all the music videos, and short films I created there. I thought of my office and how for months straight 4 young graphic designers and animators sat together diligently trying to conquer the world, while listening to Moon Doggie create beats we felt at the time were epic. I thought of that dream ending with Hurricane Wilma. I thought of PR and J.Dot who also had a studio next door and my favorite line he quoted: "9 to the 5 to the 4, J. Dot Packs more lines in your nose." I thought of the devious debauchery that went on that will never be spoken or heard of again. I thought of meeting Canibus, witnessing a hip hop icon making music with my high school pal DJ Immortal and another one of my closest friends Chopp Devize right here in this now dismantled warehouse. Overwhelmed with it all, I bummed a cigarette from Eileen - as I always do because I think I am technically saving her life by sacrificing my lungs for my buddy Paul Raimondo's girl. I am just a good friend that way.

I proceeded to make my rounds saying hello to the people there. DJ Trails who I can attest to being one of my best friends greeted me with much love and proceeded to talk to Immortal on some business venture. I touched the walls as if absorbing it's last field of energy. I felt as if it touched back.

Chopp D soon arrives followed by Hugh Hayes, and Bless of Nocternal Music. Now what do you think is going to happen when you have the likes of Flawless The MC, Pilot Rai, Hugh Hayes, Bless, and Chopp Devize with DJ Immortal on the ones and twos? Perhaps the greatest fucking freestyle cipher NEVER to be documented. A few photos and slight iphone clips sure but not to the level Underlab always took it. It's all good because we were all there to give our last respects to an end of an era like only real hip hop heads know how to do. It was more about living the moment. Each MC took turns murdering the mic like a pack of hip hop Devils Rejects. 

Yes, this was the last night at Reverse Polarity Studios, now Mars Auto Parts. It was glorious, but all good things unfortunately do come to an end, making room for greater things in our lives. When I spoke to Immortal, expressing my sadness he comforted me by saying that "this place had a great run. We are all headed towards a bigger direction this year. It's always for the best." 

Perhaps. No use in dwelling on it, because fact is this place did have a great run. Over 10 years recording many locals and some mainstream artists. Nothing can explain the symbiotic relationship between Reverse and Underlab other than Ying and Yang. Now it is only Yang (rhymes with wang, so I went with it). I now realize that Reverse was like a springboard which we all jumped and are now diving into unknown waters, fearless, head first, no life vest but trust in the universe that great things will happen as we remember the platform from which we came.

To my Reverse Family - DJ Immortal and the whole Faderballistix crew, Mordechai, Colossus, HD Goodman (Good Music Makers), Chopp Devize (7th Direction/7D), Urban Rose(7th Direction), Pilot Rai AKA John Paul James (7th Direction/7D), DJ Trails (Hip Hop Elements), Moon Doggie (Nocternal Music) , Hugh Hayes(Nocternal Music), Bless(Nocternal Music), SonDay(Nocternal Music), The other PR, JDot aka John Paul, Diego Becerra (Underlab Studios) Stone Smith (Underlab Studios/Nocternal Music) Dwayne Adams (Underlab Studios / WEMERGE), Renda Writer, Dawn Dubriel (Underlab Studios/Redawn TV), The Architect, Flawless the MC, Skarlit Rose, Shawn W, Vibe One, and Kevin Keogh - One Love. 

Fuck Paris, We will always have Reverse. 

Saturday Sept. 12th, 2009

ReDawn TV - Broward Video Production 
FAMEFAM.com - Where the Networkers Network 


Short Synopsis: ARTISTOCATS MAGAZINE was invited by FCF rep Jenny Lee to cover this event. Personally we had a blast. We were disappointed N.E.R.D would not give any one a chance to Interviews. So we did not get any. Nor did we get good shots of the N.E.R.D performances as we were prohibited to film them. We did sneak in shots of half the performances but the cameras were next to the speakers which ruined the Audio. We apologize for this, but I guess they are just to big for our britches. But you know what? We don't give two fucks. The acts in the local scene and the vendors we interviewed throughout were much more interesting. We still had a blast at the event despite a couple of negative reviews scattered throughout the internet. At least the reviews were better then those on the MIAMI MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Live Perforamce by: JahFe
Interview w/ Black Heart Couture Nate Dee



Live Perforamce by: Elastic Bond
Interview w/ SurfRider Foundation Miami - Mario Perdomo


Live Perforamce by: Awesome New Republic
Interview w/ Lolo from SWEAT RECORDS


Live Perforamce & 
Interview w/ DJ Stevie D

Live Perforamce by: Ketchy Shuby 
Interview w/ Mack Henry Moore III ( Bass Player of KETCHY SHUBY & FUSIK )


Live Perforamce by: ART OFFICIAL
Interview w/ KEEN ONE 

Live Perforamce by: World Famous GAMBLERZ CREW





Local Coverage of the Future Classic Festival 



HOST: Jonathan "DJ Trails" Fields

Shot & Edited by: J. Vinazza



Featuring: CANIBUSM-EightyCynic & Chopp Devize.
Hosted by: Cynic - myspace.com/Only1Cynic




Underlab Studios in conjunction with music partners Reverse Polarity Entertainment went to hang out with Canibus and M-eighty during their show @ Black Sheep Bar. Although a small incident killed any chances of getting interviews with Canibus or M-Eighty, we were still glad to catch the performance to give you a segment many try to imitate (you know your biting) but none can compare. M-Eighty announced that Underlab and Reverse affiliate Chopp Devize will be represented by Sound Records and he will be off to be featured in such albums as M-Eighty's "The Academy". His long awaited solo album, which is still in the works has already Hip Hop Greats as CANIBUS, ROCK (Heltah Skeltah), M-Eighty, Planet Asia. Also rumored to make appearences is Doodle Bug from Digable Planets and more. Keep your eye out for CHOPP DEVIZE. Definatley a lyrical threat to many South Florida MC's.



CANIBUS - http://www.myspace.com/canibus -

Canibus, is an American rapper. He is also known as "Can-I-Bus", "The Canibus Man", "Master of the Ceremony", and "Professor Emeritus Rip the Jacker." He is a part of supergroup The HRSMN along with: Killah Priest, Ras Kass, and Kurupt. He is best known for his complex lyricism that incorporates topics such as science and philosophy into poetic wordplay.

He began rhyming in the mid-'90s and by 1995 formed a duo called T.H.E.M. (The Heralds of Extreme Metaphors) with Atlanta rapper Webb (now called C.I., also known as Central Intelligence). While he was with Webb, he took part in a legendary cypher with the Wu Tang Clan family in Buffalo, New York, which earned him respect from the rap veterans. In 1996, T.H.E.M. split and Canibus teamed with businessman Charles Suitt. In 1997, Canibus started earning respect in the hip hop world after making numerous guest appearances with artists including The Lost Boyz, Common, Wyclef Jean, Kurupt, Ras Kass, Heltah Skeltah and The Firm.



M-Eighty - http://www.Myspace.com/holytoledoproductions -

Born and raised in the Midwest, M-Eighty gained a great deal of notoriety for being an unbeatable force among the MC battlegrounds. Releasing three solo albums in his years prior to moving to California, including “The Expert Explosive,” Snakes in the Garden of Eighty,” & “The 11th Hour,” these immaculate testaments to rhyme provided M-Eighty with the opportunities to tour and perform with some of the greatest artists in the industry including the Wu-Tang Clan, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Rhymefest, Lil’ Flip, Twista, Jae Millz, Dead Prez, Blackalicious, and many more… Moving to California in 2004 to pursue law school in San Francisco, M-Eighty soon began undertaking A&R work for Dreddy Kruger’s New York based Think Differently Music Group/Wu-Tang making contributions to the labels “Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture” and Bronze Nazareth’s “The Great Migration” releases respectively.


Chopp Devize - http://www.myspace.com/ChoppDevizeMusic


Event Promoted by: 
Cynic - http://www.myspace.com/Only1Cynic

Production Credits:
Produced by: Underlab Studios
Music Produced by: The Architect
Shot and Cut By: J.Vinazza
Shot On Location @ The Black Sheep Bar-

Remix Party 2008 Winter Music Conference Sponsored by STANTON DJ

During the 2008 Winter Music Conference Stanton DJs Annalyze, Stryke, Reid Speed, & Jungle Boy Perform magic. We were there to catch it all.

Stanton DJs Micheal Burian and Richard Devine Perform the ill style as well showing off Stantons' line of DJ Turntables, Mixers, and more.

And of course what great event will be deemed Great without a few words from a renowned Music Producer? One that has produced for the greats such as Mos Def and Talib Kweli? Yes we are talking about DJ Hi-Tek talking about Stantons C.324 CD Mixer.

About The Artists -

Stryke -Triple threats don't come so easy in the world of electronic dance music. Greg "Stryke" Chin is one of those rare anomalies in this industry. He's equal parts recording artist, DJ, and producer. The shy, sometimes introverted Stryke feels equally at home in all three. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Stryke began his music career at an early age. He started playing classical piano at the age of four. Moving to Miami, Florida (where he still resides) when he was ten, Stryke became heavily involved in early electronic alternative scene. His love for Beethoven and Chopin were quickly joined by his new love for groups such as Depeche Mode and New Order (not to mention an unhealthy addiction to video games, which he still has to this very day).http://www.stryke.net/ 

DJ Annalyze - toured extensively with Playboy's 50th Anniversary DJ Shortee. In 2006 she also toured with the west coast’s legendary DJ Quik & appeared on "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" backing B Real (of cypress hill) & Travis Barker (blink 182). To top off that year, she performed live at MTV studios Time square with the UK’s very own Lady Sovereign! Annalyze also holds a residency in Shanghai China at the infamous Club Bon Bon. Her stellar scratching & mixing style have earned her national sponsorships with companies like Pioneer & Stanton. 

Dj Reid Speed - 
When Reid Speed began spinning records in 1996, she first generated curiosity as one of few female DJs at the time. However, she quickly earned respect for her talent in the highly competitive NYC scene. By the summer of 1997, she was working with rave promoters, Stuck on Earth Promotions and the following year as a member of the Direct Drive crew. At these events, she cut her teeth playing alongside the top names in the genre.http://www.reidspeed.com/ 

DJ Jungle Boy myspace.com/djjungleboy 

Dj Michael Burian - Michael Burian belongs in his country to the best known Artists of the modern music scene. But his reputation has already spread far outside the Czech Republic. Michael is recognized worldwide not only as a great DJ, but also as Producer, Owner of a Label and a Promoter. He has been several times awarded in his country as the “Best DJ of the Year”. No other DJ from Czech Republic is driving so much attention of the crowd as Michael. He is filling clubs not only all around his country but also at Ibiza, USA, India and all across Europe. Out of the Music fields Michael has taken part in the Campaign against Communism in Czech Republic. Together with the former President Vaclav Havel, Michael has been encouraging people in his country to come to the Elections and make a further step on the way to Democracy.

DJ Richard Devine - Richard Devine New album on Sublight records. Sublight is proud to present "Cautella" 14 new tracks on CD format from the imaginative master of digital sculpture Richard Devine. Featuring the collaborative work of Otto Von Schirach and remixing of Funkstorung Cautella delivers a surreal sonic assault of fictitious mechanical monsters bent and mutated into biological boogeymen. running time is 55 min Richard Devine Live July 20th at the Lincoln Center, New York City. working with Alarm Will Sound ( Orchestra) reconstructing Aphex Twins works.

DJ Hi-Tek - Hi-Tek started his rap career with hip hop group Mood and had a regional hit with "Hustle on the Side". That song was made for Mood's album Doom, which featured amongst others Brooklyn MC Talib Kweli. Talib and Hi-Tek clicked immediately, and Hi-Tek went on to produce most of Talib Kweli and Mos Def's Black Star (1998). In 2000, Tek and Kweli (under the name Reflection Eternal) released Train of Thought (2000) on Rawkus Records, with raps by Talib Kweli and beats by Hi-Tek. It enjoyed moderate crossover radio success with the singles "The Blast" and "Move Somethin'". The pair have yet to release a follow-up album.

About Stanton DJ -
Founded in 1946, Stanton Magnetics is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for club and mobile DJs and turntablists. The company's product range includes turntables, high-performance cartridges, CD players, DJ mixers, accessories and FinalScratch—a breakthrough system which allows DJs to play, mix and scratch music files from their computers using standard turntables. With over 50 years of innovation, Stanton is the name DJs trust.

Stanton Magnetics
3000 SW 42nd St.
Hollywood, FL 33312

Production Credits:
Director: J. Vinazza
Editor: J.Vinazza
Hi Tek Video Editor: Dawn Dubriel
Produced by: ULS Media Solutions

iNDUSTRY 3000 Presents:
Hosted by Chris Da Imperial
Featuring: City of God & Under No Order

2008 Art Basel was special. A few days before the Alex Grey Event, Underlab Studios paid the Wallflower Gallery a visit to catch some of the best performances of the year. And Here They Are -

City Of God - http://www.myspace.com/CityOfGodBand 

In the winter of 2006, City of God exploded on the music scene showcasing their fresh new style of music and incredible musical talents. City of God is a band that has transcended from their hip-hop roots to combine tranquil hip hop lyrics, up beat dance music and smooth R&B melodies. Their influence from all music genres has combined to create their unique sound that has been capturing more and more audiences. A wide variety of musical influences ranging from Jamiroquai, N.E.R.D, Earth Wind & Fire and John Legend show through in the diverse music catalog of City Of God. 

Band Members: 
The Hip Hop/Pop band is complete with many essential components that make any band successful. Band members include drummer Raphael Ramos known as “Industry”, bass Guitarist Rocco Milord, lead guitarist Gunnar Vingren, Vocalist Stephanie Magro, Tiago Magro also known as DJ Zion on turntables and Synthesizer, and lead vocalist Danny Foganholi also known as “Smalls”. 

Chopp Devize - http://www.myspace.com/ChoppDevizeMusic

DJ Fono - http://www.myspace.com/roundaboutrecordsfl 

Under No Order - http://www.myspace.com/UnderNoOrder

Vibe One - http://www.myspace.com/UnderNoOrder

Chris Da Imperial -
music - spoken word - dance - art - networking 

*Talent Reps & A & R's are expected in the building. Unsigned artist and 
Indie Labels are invited to come come out and NETWORK with industry insiders. 



Production Credits:

Produced by Dawn Dubriel & J.Vinazza
Shot and Cut By J.Vinazza
Shot On Location @ The Wallflower Gallery - http://www.wallflowergallery.com/home.htm
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