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A Nightmare before Roger

Written by  Tony Razuri


Black, White and Grey – only Joe Roger can make this look colorful. If Tim Burton and Britto had both their left brain hemispheres detached and placed together to form the noggin of an Art Monster it would be placed inside Joe’s head. Joe exhibits dark caricatures within fractal designs, leaving one staring at the seemingly infinite details that vary in many worldly influences. One can see everything from Traditional European to Ancient Aztec and Incan designs in his artwork.

Joe’s grandmother, Bettie has once claimed “Joe was born with a crayon in his hand”. Bettie has been the one who inspired Joe to pursue his dreams and nurturing his creativity by introducing to a wide variety of art spanning history and the globe. Although his artwork may seem dark to some, one must have appreciation for the use of asymmetric design that offers a base for his melding cryptic visions.

A graduate of Ringling School of Art, Joe Roger views himself as “something of a traveling journalist, using his art to document the evil and the good of life in ways that he cannot achieve with words”. Judging from his work perhaps he has documented a true ying-yang energy that so many of us seem to forget existed. Using the black (lack of color) and white (all color) as a metaphor for duality. And this insight, combined with his aesthetic appeal of his line work is what makes Joe Roger’s artwork a remarkable statement of beauty in even a colorless spectrum.

Catch Him at his Upcoming Show - "A Night At The Studios"
November, 2009, Friday the 13th, from 7:00pm to 11:00pm 3050 NE 9th Ave. Oakland Park, Florida (across the street from Pearl Art Store)
Featuring: Joe Roger, Julio Green, Carmen Cordero, Adriano Nicot Live music, beer & wine, hors de orderves, open mic.

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