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Split - Miami 48 Hour 2012 Winner

Winner of the 2012 Miami 48 Hour Film Project.

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 As I walk up to the so familiar door with a stenciled "1835" imprinted on its face, I felt a bit of sadness as if I was walking into a funeral. See, this would the last time this small warehouse turned recording studio would ever be called Reverse Polarity Studios. You may have heard of the name, or perhaps some of the names that have branched out from this conglomerate family tree such as: DJ Immortal, The 7D, Underlab Studios, Hip Hop Elements, Renda Writer, Nocternal Music and so many more. All of these people have called 1835 Mears Pkwy in Margate, "home" or "office" at some point during its life.

f these walls could talk, they would say nothing because Reverse don't snitch. They will simply say "Shit went down, and great music was made."

I opened the door and was greeted by Flawless the MC as I walked right up to the middle of a blunt cipher and I just so happened to be NEXT. My timing is impeccable. Always. As we blazed, some still seemed in disbelief of this proverbial fork in the road. Was this DENIAL? Are we grieving? I pondered. 

I looked around to flashing memories vividly embodying me as if it were a quantum leap to the days I watched DJ Immortal giving private DJ lessons (a precursor to his now heavy involvement with SCRATCH ACADEMY) while I sat on the couch sketching my next painting. I thought of Jared Cole and his guitar. I thought of DJ Reakt who tagged his name on the now visible hard concrete floor. I thought of the now defunct Mother's Pub (next door to Reverse), where Browards - and sometimes Miamis - top MC's like Raw Filth and Surgeon General constantly battled it out. I thought all the music videos, and short films I created there. I thought of my office and how for months straight 4 young graphic designers and animators sat together diligently trying to conquer the world, while listening to Moon Doggie create beats we felt at the time were epic. I thought of that dream ending with Hurricane Wilma. I thought of PR and J.Dot who also had a studio next door and my favorite line he quoted: "9 to the 5 to the 4, J. Dot Packs more lines in your nose." I thought of the devious debauchery that went on that will never be spoken or heard of again. I thought of meeting Canibus, witnessing a hip hop icon making music with my high school pal DJ Immortal and another one of my closest friends Chopp Devize right here in this now dismantled warehouse. Overwhelmed with it all, I bummed a cigarette from Eileen - as I always do because I think I am technically saving her life by sacrificing my lungs for my buddy Paul Raimondo's girl. I am just a good friend that way.

I proceeded to make my rounds saying hello to the people there. DJ Trails who I can attest to being one of my best friends greeted me with much love and proceeded to talk to Immortal on some business venture. I touched the walls as if absorbing it's last field of energy. I felt as if it touched back.

Chopp D soon arrives followed by Hugh Hayes, and Bless of Nocternal Music. Now what do you think is going to happen when you have the likes of Flawless The MC, Pilot Rai, Hugh Hayes, Bless, and Chopp Devize with DJ Immortal on the ones and twos? Perhaps the greatest fucking freestyle cipher NEVER to be documented. A few photos and slight iphone clips sure but not to the level Underlab always took it. It's all good because we were all there to give our last respects to an end of an era like only real hip hop heads know how to do. It was more about living the moment. Each MC took turns murdering the mic like a pack of hip hop Devils Rejects. 

Yes, this was the last night at Reverse Polarity Studios, now Mars Auto Parts. It was glorious, but all good things unfortunately do come to an end, making room for greater things in our lives. When I spoke to Immortal, expressing my sadness he comforted me by saying that "this place had a great run. We are all headed towards a bigger direction this year. It's always for the best." 

Perhaps. No use in dwelling on it, because fact is this place did have a great run. Over 10 years recording many locals and some mainstream artists. Nothing can explain the symbiotic relationship between Reverse and Underlab other than Ying and Yang. Now it is only Yang (rhymes with wang, so I went with it). I now realize that Reverse was like a springboard which we all jumped and are now diving into unknown waters, fearless, head first, no life vest but trust in the universe that great things will happen as we remember the platform from which we came.

To my Reverse Family - DJ Immortal and the whole Faderballistix crew, Mordechai, Colossus, HD Goodman (Good Music Makers), Chopp Devize (7th Direction/7D), Urban Rose(7th Direction), Pilot Rai AKA John Paul James (7th Direction/7D), DJ Trails (Hip Hop Elements), Moon Doggie (Nocternal Music) , Hugh Hayes(Nocternal Music), Bless(Nocternal Music), SonDay(Nocternal Music), The other PR, JDot aka John Paul, Diego Becerra (Underlab Studios) Stone Smith (Underlab Studios/Nocternal Music) Dwayne Adams (Underlab Studios / WEMERGE), Renda Writer, Dawn Dubriel (Underlab Studios/Redawn TV), The Architect, Flawless the MC, Skarlit Rose, Shawn W, Vibe One, and Kevin Keogh - One Love. 

Fuck Paris, We will always have Reverse. 

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Shooting Star

2007 - Renda Writer
Eclectic Poetic

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Tuesday, 10 February 1987 16:44

Kevro Art Bar Tuesday Open Mic Sept 2007

Kevro Art Bar Tuesday Open Mic Sept 2007
Hosted by Renda Writer
Starring: Murray The K, Andrew Bayuk, Xavier Hawk, Chopp Devize, Mike Mineo, Michael Ibarra, Rod McDonald, Steve Minotti, and Yanatha

Kevro Art Bar began on Sept 11th, 2007. Due to many reasons we were unable to post these until now...
So enjoy one of the best open mic nights Underlab Studios has had the pleasure of taping.

Florida Music Event Video - Andrew Bayuk -...

Andrew Bayuk - Heavily influenced by the Beatles, John Lennon, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, Andrew's music has an acoustic folk backbone with an electric rock overlay and is laced with accompanying and background harmony vocals. 


Florida Spoken Word Poetry - HATE by Yanatha -...
Yanatha - 


Michael Ibarra -


Flintblade -


Boris The Blade -


Production Credits:

Hosted by: Renda Writer
Shot & Edited by: J.Vinazza

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10-22-07 - Java D'Lites, Coral Springs
Dominique Vouk & The Sexy Band Headlines
For Renda Writer's OPEN MIC MONDAY's

Featured Performers:

Mikey Mo -
Dominique Vouk & The Sexy Band -

EVENT HOST: Renda Writer

Mikey Mo:Java D'Lites love when Mikey Mo comes and blesses the crowd with his freestyles. Come every Monday or Friday for Renda Writers "OPEN MIC" and join your performing peers sharing the stage or relax in a creative environment with a coffee or a hookah. Video: Live Freestyle -

Mikey Mo likes to rap about anything. A crowd member asks him to rap about Pins and Needles, as much to Mikey style he performs with a guy he just met outside of Java D'lites in Coral Springs Florida. Watch this zany rapper do his thing:

Video: Mikeys Song about Balance -

Mikey Mo follows it up now with a written song he created through his networkings on MySpace. We never got the actual title, but he does describe the song as being about balance. The madness in his eyes truly reveal a hidden genius.


Dominique Vouk & The Sexy Band:

Dominique Vouk plays on the keyboards, backed by her Sexy Band. She gently plays the keys as she pours her heart out with her Hit Song: Black And White-

Video: Dominique Vouk @ Java D'Lites, Out the Window -
Dominique Vouk performs her passionate : Out The Window-a song about throwing your boyfriends clothes out the window after a serious fight. Question remains, would dominque actually do such a thing, even if the guy deserved it?

Video: Dominique Vouk & The Sexy Band Covers Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
Dominique Vouk Covers Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze. The video is an homage to the late great performer. We Hope You Enjoy.

Producers: ULS Media Solutions, Inc ( FLORIDA NEED VIDEO SERVICES - 954-234-2642 )
Camera: J.Vinazza
Editing: J.Vinazza
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