Remember Rock? Yeah you know, the rock you grew up with. Not the sub-genres and the offshoots that tread on the fence of a being described as rock, but their original parent and core elements? When vocals ( Daniel Rayon), guitar (Daniel Cartegna), bass (Luke Rice) and drums (Angel Delgado) pound on our pulses with cool and slick attitudes, that my friends, is what we call “rock”.South Florida is far from dry of Rock Virtuosos thanks to the emergence of this group - Dear Dad Yours Truly.ARTISTOCATS was lucky enough to sit down and converse though SKYPE with this local rock quartet.


ARTISTOCATS:So first question - Your Name - An Open Letter and Signature, what does it mean?”



DDYT:Basically, it is addressed to God, we sought a name the world could relate to, and being as God is love, everyone can relate to love in one form or another. It is the beginning and ending of a letter. Also, It leaves it open to the middle, as it simply addresses the beginning and ending, and each of us writes his own story. That's why the body is missing of the letter.



ARTISTOCATS: “So would you say you could be bordering the genre of Christian Rock?”



DDYT: “Not really. Being as our fit lies in the fact that we write secular music, and our personal lives are kept private, the Christian influence is in the interpretation of the lyrics from the listeners’ perspective. Depending on who you ask in the band, depends on your answer.”



Christian or not, this group’s skills place what was once deemed as “Satan’s Music” into a well deserving divine musical paradigm. Their lyrics bring positive messages of love and drive awareness to many important social issues that face us today. So how did they meet?



DDYT:MySpace (laughs) But seriously... thanks Tom...”



ARTISTOCATS:(laughing) For real?”



DDYT: “Yes.... seriously... no joke. This band was a miracle.”



ARTISTOCATS:I heard of couples meeting on MySpace, but not super group rock bands”


DDYT:It just so happens we all get along”



While Facebook is quickly becoming the leader in the Social Media field, MySpace is to thank for the creation of this awesome rock collective. The gang is now signed with Sparks Management and is represented by former Vice President of Universal Music Latin America, Tere Batista. The local rock media have also taken interest, as Dear Dad Yours Truly has been recently interviewed by 93 Rock (



ARTISTOCATS: What’s up with 93 Rock. How did you get on?


DDYT: We were cherry picked by Spano from 93 Rock, who asked us to come in and do an interview.



ARTISTOCATS: Cherry picked from where, myspace? Or did he see you rock a house down?



DDYT: Both, he found us on MySpace, and attended our concert at Pulp Live in Fort Lauderdale before approving the interview. One thing that really touched him was our name. He said he related with it on a personal level.



Although currently working on a full-length album, the band has an EP circulating the buzzed up, tattoo loving hooligans of the SoFla rock scene. Self-Produced, and recorded @ The Shack North Studios, these 6 tracks will leave you for an appetite for more. Listening to their favorite track SAINT OF SIN is like entering a dark corridor alone and exiting with an army of angels to abolish the sins of today’s society.



With Influences that range from SlipKnot, 3 Doors down, Metallica, to even Evanescence, Dear Dad Yours Truly will soar through your speakers from the beginning to end. Their current album, “2009 Untitled Demo” can be found on their website, or you may get your copy by coming and seeing them LIVE @ CINEMA PARADISO for the 1st Auteur Explosion of 2010 on Jan. 23rd.



ARTISTOCATS: So on Tiger Woods....any comment?


DDYT: …Is an idiot, Obviously, his wife has as good of a swing he does.


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Tuesday, 01 February 2011 00:03

All Hail The Queen - Queen of the Scene

“Scorpio,right? I get a really nice vibe from you. You can be a best friend or the meanest bitch,” says DJ Oski, as way of introduction. He is candid and direct, two necessary qualities if attempting to make Miami a music mecca for aspiring musicians.

Local promoters, Queen of the Scene and DJ Oski makeup the music power duo behind Colossal I, Femme Fest, and the Rock. Queen and Oski met online a few years ago and it was their shared disdain of the local music scene that led them to build a music alliance.

“Our hope is to give local bands a platform to perform and grow,” explains Queen. “It’s hard to find live and original music in Miami.”

Together they launched a series of music events where unknown local musicians can cultivate a following, and showcase their talent in venerated locations such as Tobacco Road and Churchill’s Pub.

“We don’t want lazy artists. If you are a local band and you don’t promote, you are playing to no one. Just deaf ears,” says Oski. On this night, Queen and Oski are busy preparing Tobacco Road for Colossal III, a two day event where over 30 bands will perform.

“We want to unify the scene. We don’t have a specific genre of music. Reggae, hip hop, metal, rock, latin -- people and music will cross pollinate,” excitedly explains Oski.

So far the formula has worked. Venues throughout Florida have taken notice and are clamoring for the big audiences and ticket sales their events generate.

But, for Queen and Oski, it comes down to brass basics: “Ultimately, we are just music advocates,” says Oski.

For shows,venues and bookings, visit or

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Afrobeta Loves You

Afrobeta’s front woman, Cristina "Cuci Amador" Garcia, takes the stage at Transit Lounge in a red sequined dress, glittery zebra pumps and bright, red lips. With a nod to sound mastermind Tony Smurphio, Amador leads her legions through what can only be described as a blend of 80s alternative- electro-disco pop -something -otherness which renders it impossible to pigeonhole Afrobeta’s genre.

Well, almost anyone. “We are folk-not as in, techno rural ravers,” laughs Amador. “That’s our new genre.”

Amador, a Miami native, credits her time at FSU as the genesis of her musical style.

“After high school I was prime to get out,” recalls Amador. “I wanted something new, live music acts, a college town. I grew so much. I returned to Miami completely different.”

Back on stage, she vigorously dances with a tambourine in hand, mascara running, and sings original songs about secret love or underground sounds which at times, is intermingled with old familiar riffs. And somehow, it all gels.

“When we are on stage, it feels like a celebration,” says Amador. “We are as honest as possible, and the audience returns the positivity. It’s a reciprocal relationship.”

Amador credits artists as diametrically opposed as Tori Amos, Nancy Wilson and Bjork as her musical influences. “I admire people who tell a story through their music,” explains Amador. “I wish to be known as a female singer/songwriter, storyteller and actor.”

These aren’t lofty goals for Afrobeta. With a label deal well on its way, a big announcement is soon expected.

Stay tuned to their blog at or for more information.

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Tuesday, 01 July 2014 21:01

GRAVY | Miami 48 Hour Film 2014

A Man bothered by his family while cooking dinner for his family, but a horrific secret is revealed about his father's recipie for Gravy.

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Music: The Shutter

While attending Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, photography students, Kim Drake, Jaime "The Mex", and Mike D realized their mutual pursuits also extended into Music, and the triad fused a brilliant alliance. They ignited City Link's Beerfest two years in a row, represented FemmeFest at Tobacco Road, released their self-titled album at Radio-Active Records, received an outstanding concert review in Miami New Times from Auteur Explosion XI @ Cinema Paradiso, and continue to bang out creative melodies interwoven with the pearls of wisdom that can only come from experience.

Front woman Kim Drake, is exactly who you want to see and listen to. The animal rights activist sings from the heart and voices her light to topics such as: the state of the world today, relationship break-ups, suburban life, frenemies, positive intentions, etc... that make you want to forget the dramas of everyday existence and roll out to the beach in her Camero.

The rocking triad also combines their visual creativity and shot their own music video for "Stolen Flowers" on Kim's Mark II that can be seen at Keep a look out for "The Shutter" at a venue near you.

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I recently posted an article on the ARTISTOCATS forum asking Whats wrong with the south florida live music scene and what can we do to fix it. Too much can be said. Sure we can sit here pointing fingers saying it's so-and-so's fault, or we can make this a positive learning experience. I am writing this now to give some free pointers to you bands out there. Yes, some of this is obviously common sense, but believe it or not, some of you bands need this. So pay attention! 

#1. Practice. If you have to play with sheet music on stage, you have no business booking a gig. 

#2. Bring Someone. If you can't bring at least, MINIMUM, one person per band member to come see your band play live, don't bother booking a gig. 

#3. Promote Yourself. If you think it's the promoter's job to promote your band, don't bother booking a gig. Yes, it is the promoter's job to promote the event, but would you really rely on someone else to do it all? Wouldn't you want the best show possible and to play in front of as many people as possible, including your own friends, family and fan base? Be your own promoter. Music is equally art and business. 

#4. Style. Seriously. Put some effort into how you look. You might not be Brad Pitt, but you should respect your fan base enough to run a brush through your hair, at least. You can have style without looking like a poser. You don't have to be a model. but whatever you do, make it unique. Make it YOU. (Personal Tip- Guys with eyeliner=HOT. Guys with Glitter=HOTTER). 

#5. Develop a stage show. Your front man should have charisma and the whole band should have a chemistry that shows. Anyone can stay home and listen to a CD or the radio. When they go out to see a live band, they want to see a SHOW. Give 100% for your performance, every time! 

#6. Play and STAY. Shows are your best networking opportunity. Far too often bands show up right before they play and leave right after, giving no opportunity for people to come up and say "great job, when can I see you again, do you have a CD, etc". You might have lost a big opportunity with local media or a label scout. Plus, if you support the other acts on the bill, they'd be more inclined to stay and support you as well. 

#7. Get involved in your local music scene. The more you know about what's going on, the more opportunities you will learn about. Make friends with other bands so they'll support you. It's very common at shows that the majority of the audience is made up of other local musicians. Make contacts and find out who the good people to know are and who you should probably stay away from. 

#8. Know Your Fans. Pass around a mailing list at your shows. Keep in touch with people by sending emails announcing future shows. Include news about the band, picture's, maybe even a free download once in a while. Most importantly, make sure there IS news to announce. Make your band sound interesting by announcing newspaper or magazine articles, videos, awards, anything. If you have nothing to announce, no one will remember you or care about you after awhile. 

#9. MERCH! Demos, CD's, T-Shirts, Stickers, and Buttons - Anything with your bands name on it. You are nothing until you have something tangible for people. You should really develop a recognizable logo. Free is always good for the crowd, but you should always give value to your product, so giving things away for free should be limited. How often have you been given something for free and just tossed it, figuring its crap? How often have you given away your CD's just to find that people leave them lying around? That's because they assume there's no value to it. Save the freebies for specials friends and fans who you know will appreciate it and to media who could help further your career. If you really want to give things away free, just to get them in some hands, do a CD release party or some type of special event for that reason. Got New Shirts? Make a deal such as "buy our CD and you get a free t-shirt!". 

#10. Physical and Electronic Press Kits. You should have them ready to mailed out or emailed at any given moment's notice. 

Stay tuned for next issue where I will discuss exactly what should be included in your press kits! 

For More on Queen of The Scene - 
~* www. QueenOfTheScene .com *~

South Florida's Local Music Scene Website -

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Music: DJ Fono

There is an emerging Palm Beach collective of talented MC's that have been running musical mayhem. Dj Fono is the eye of this storm. His company Roundabout Records has been behind the production of many of our local talents including Dino Ferrari, J Saavy, Cat Shell and many more. 

But Fono is not a just a DJ; he is a musical entrepreneur and has been blessed by a keen sense of the hustle. He makes his rounds down the east contour of our gun shaped state, lighting life on the dance floors of many of our favorite local venues. One may say it's in his blood, and one may be right. Fono's father was a DJ who passed down the finger cutting genes to his two sons. Early on in his childhood Fono was groomed for music. While most 16 year olds were scrubbing toilets at McDonald's, Fono was already getting his DJ career started working for an audio-mixing company in Boca Raton known as R&R Dj's. A lover of beats and sound, DJ Fono brilliantly pounds away silence with his repertoire of Hip-Hop, Dancehall Reggae, Drum & Bass, Electro-House, Dubstep, Funk and Soul.

CSKA, one of Fono's latest progenies has now hit the streets with a new single Drop Down which has the astute producer's electro funk grooves all over it like fingerprints in a crime scene.

And what good is a DJ without an online Mix Show? When the hour strikes 8pm, jump on to and catch Roundabout Radio where DJ Fono spins hits and features Live Guests from the local South Florida Music and Art Scene.

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Skulldaggery - Beyond the Kid Stuff

The first page on Alessandro Echevaria's website,, features a stripped image that's very familiar to me. It's a simple page, with few words and a medium-sized picture of an animal-- I'm not sure what kind, really, but it's definitely not human-- whose face has been sliced into four sections, eyes intact, yellow, and vacant. In between the sections you can see bits of what cartoon anatomy must look like, all in pink with nerve endings slipping out to the edges of the animals' skin.

I don't think I would have been so disturbed by the image had I not recognized the base right away: the animal Echevaria mangled here was none other than the lead monster in Maurice Sendak's classic Where the Wild Things Are. The scariest monster of the bunch-- part lion, part sasquatch, with a wild, dark mane and big, square teeth-- wasn't nearly so intimidating once he'd been sliced up, innards neatly packed between the sections of his head.

Alas, there were only two of these icons dismembered (the other was Pinnochio-- who was a real boy, after all.) Echevaria carries out this dismemberment theme through a lot of the work on the site, sometimes to tragic-- but mostly to sardonically comic-- effect. When leafing through his tee-shirt designs and digital pieces, my initial urge is to ask him to do a series of comic books and sell them to the adult market.

The lines are simple, the colors stark, and his sense of humor are all so contemporary as to scare off your average intelligentsia enough to pull off a hell of a career in the subversive above-ground world of post-modern art and lit. If he'd started doing these pieces ten years ago, he might have been considered too far ahead of his time. But in a world post- Wicked and thirty years since Chris Clairmont proved that comic books were beyond simple kids' stuff-- he's a completely apropos contemporary.


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Artist 5

If there ever was a time to have artists take charge in making a difference in the community it would be now.As technology soars to reach the outer limits, the boundaries created from our social issues is enough to make us all claustrophobic.


Imagine street art as unconventional since the days of Keith Herring & Jean-Michel Basquiat. Imagine Art that is Grimy, Dirty and Raw but packed with enough energy to move masses with its messages.When you draw these thoughts in your head, you would picture ARTIST 5.


Artist 5 is a transplant from Suffolk, England to the shiny beaches of South Florida. His art merges a wide variety of styles with existentialist thoughts.It incorporates the decay of materials as part of its charm. He claims his 5 Points of Power are Urban Street Art, Abstract, Deconstruction, Dysfunction, and Existentialism, which if you look at his work you can see truth in this statement. His work captures beauty in social madness.


On his website,, says "I like my work to look as if it were produced at an earlier date and over time with weather and age it becomes worn and battered with chipping paint and runny lines." 


But ARTIST 5 doesn't just paint to draw a social change; he actively participates in creating social change. His THINK POSITIVE PROJECT was founded to be nationwide artist collective, spreading Think Positive messages across the country to counteract the current turmoil our country faces due to economic depression and its insatiable appetite for war. Focusing on South Florida community issues such as Healthcare, HIV Awareness, Homelessness, Drug Addiction & Prostitution.If there was anyone you should support for the good cause, it's the fifth artist ARTIST 5.

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