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Film Director - J.Vinazza

There’s really nothing more entertaining and inspiring than watching a quality locally-produced independent film. A local avante guard filmmaker and 2004 graduate from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale named J. Vinazza is here to inspire and entertain us all with his eye-catching films that draw on his experiences as a poet, painter, and graffiti artist.

One thing that makes J. Vinazza’s films so unique is the fact that none of his characters are portrayed by trained professional actors. Instead, he casts his films with local rappers, musicians, and artists and is able to bring out the actor in them with his agreeable and friendly approach to directing.

Motivated by local film competitions, J. Vinazza has released 3 of his best short films within the last year and has experienced a rise in his productivity that is sure to make him one of the most saught after filmmakers in the area. “Bulletfist: No Honor In Regret” was entered into the 2006 48-Hour Film Project, and “Jonny Efficient” was
entered into the 2007 version of the same contest.

His film, “Cut Your Hand on the Good Book,” was entered into the 2007 Grindhouse Deathmatch Contest, sponsored by the Improv Export Co., and won the $100 first place prize.

J. Vinazza’s main project going into the future is the completion of his first feature-length film, entitled “Self: Direction 7.” This film has been in production for the past 5 years and includes an all-star cast of “local celebrities.”

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Sunday, 17 April 2011 17:03

Filmmaker: Andrew Colton

For some time now, Andrew Colton – a South Florida native - has been facilitating local Artist’s self expression. Through an expansive network of associates, the young entrepreneur has been putting together videos for the past four years. He has worked with multiple production companies, an array of producers, and a plethora of artists. This young savant is quickly becoming the local “go to” man when it comes to getting a video done. Having seen the guy in action myself, this writer can personally attest to the quality work and effort he puts into his projects.


At a young age Colton enjoyed both watching and making his own skating videos. The newest wave of skateboard films which surfaced through the past decade, have progressively become more creative. The added artistic content in these videos helped inspire him to make films of his own. He loves the idea of helping people through his art to express themselves in ways they could not. He considers himself an artist above all things, but an artist that functions as a producer, director, editor and a cinematographer.


Currently, Andrew is working on music videos for “Saint Murder” and “My Amends”, the former of which promises to be one of the goriest spectacles produced by Colton to date. The latter will be debuting at the January Auteur Explosion at Cinema Paradiso.Future projects include other South Florida acts such as


Forty Winters and Epitaph. Keep your eyes peeled for projects spawned from the depths of this Artistocat’s mind.





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