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Ask Dr. Love

Ask Dr. Love
Dear Dr. Love,

I used to drink Slurpees and Icees all the time when I was a kid. Now that I am in college I am more nutritionally aware and have shifted my drink of choice to Smoothies. Recently however I have been getting brain freeze whenever I drink a smoothie, which gives me severe headaches, which last for several hours. Is it the cold or is the smoothie itself.

Smoothie King

Dear Smoothie King,

Since you did not tell me what you put in your smoothie I can’t tell. But I can tell you the ice is not something you want to keep in your mouth a long time. Heat expands and cold contracts the intestines. The back of your throat is very close to your brain and the message centers that control movement. In addition the sensory nerves connecting the eyes and nose are also there. Those nerves may be damaged or frayed. My advice is to stay away from cold beverages all together. My recommendation is to use fresh fruit, protein powder, spirulina powder and rice milk. Avoid cows milk at all costs.


Dear Dr. Love,

I have been hearing and seeing these advertising endorsements for Milk and Beef, but never seeing one for eggs for broccoli. When people go to the store they always buy milk and bread so why are they pushing milk?

Is Milk is for baby cows or baby humans?

Dear Milk only for baby cows,

It is called the law of supply and demand. When the demand for milk goes down you advertise to increase demand. The truth is once you pasteurize and homogenize the milk you have lost all food value other than the calories. To prove this point, The Center for Science in the Public Interest did an experiment with milk just off the production line. They fed it to baby cows and they died! The way they feed cows is a crime. Did you ever wonder what happens to the little cats and dogs that are put to sleep by the ASPCA? They are purchased and cooked at 400 degrees and turned into cow chow! You know that cows are supposed to eat grass, but what they really eat whatever they are fed like spoiled oranges from an early frost or salted fish if there is a lower sales price. The protein in milk actually prevent calcium absorption. So maybe cows milk is not a good idea for humans.

You have all heard the cancer controversy over fried vs. grilled hamburgers. Now the truth has come to light about beef production. MacDonald’s just announced they are going to request that their beef producers stop injecting antibiotics into the cows. Their rationale is to protect children in their happy meals. For twenty years I have been saying that anti-biotic use in cows was killing our children. Now it is publicly acknowledged. The indiscriminate use of antibiotics in cows which becomes hamburgers lowers the resistance of humans and increases the resistance of bacterial infections. The young and the elderly are most likely to die from bacterial infections. About every eleven years they must invent new antibiotics because the old ones don't work anymore.

Milk! Is snot natural?


Dr. Geo Love, the Hip Hop Doc is a licensed Acupuncture Physician and the first black Acupuncturist in the state of Florida (1986). He is an herbalist, nutritionist and Qi Gong Master. The author of six books, he can be reached at 561.502.6200.

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