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Quantum Savior



  • Written By:: J.Vinazza
  • Directed By: J.Vinazza
  • Starring:

    Paul Raimondo, Diana Laura, Glenda Galeano, Cameron Spatz,Finley Polynice, Maria Romero, Bobbie Kim, Derek Forsyth

  • Edited By:: J.Vinazza, Diego Becerra
  • Sound Design By:: Brian Spatz - The Architect
  • Original Music:

    The J. Hexx Project

  • Visual Effects: J. Vinazza
  • Rated: PG-13
  • Producers:: J.Vinazza, Bobbie Kim, Derek Forsyth, Paul Raimondo Sr.

A Man is questioned by a police psychiatrist to determine his state of mind after committing a double homicide.

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