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Floresita Reyes: Drawing with Light

Written by  Tony Razuri


For some the fine line between art and photography seems as thin as the models luring folks in modern day magazine stands. But although art’s beauty is subjective, the laws of form, composition, shadow and light are what comprise the concept’s objectivity. It is what creates its aesthetic appeal no matter if you use a pencil or the latest Canon Mark II. It seems Miami Artist / Photographer Floresita Reyes has learned that early on. As she states “Anyone can be a photographer. It takes a creative open mind to be an artist. I like to consider myself an artist that draws with light, what she sees and feels.”

Also a model, Floresita has no discomfort in posing in her very risqué but artistic nudes and semi-nude imagery that celebrate the beauty in the human form. Other subjects may include hands, arms, flowers, boats, people on brick walls, but each time she shoots with masterful composition. Her use of light and shadow is a remarkable play on contrast showing real emotion with each shot. Her inspirations include artists/photographers Cindy Sherman, Claud Cahun, Anoushka Fisz, Vincent Serbin and Joel Peter Witkins, all of whom are also known to have mastered the use of shadow and light to create art out of a photograph. Although at times she is the subject of her own work she is without opposition of working with others who could inspire great emotional pieces. She is open to work with any creative types that share her passion for art and photography.

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