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Music Spotlight: Day Sleeper

Written by  Tony Razuri


Growing up, I always liked things that were outside the box and leaned more toward underground music. I was weird before weird was cool.  I found a way to experience the underground scene through local music. Going to local shows was like my own secret universe that no one else I knew, knew about. Going to Goth Clubs was sort of the same. You'd see the same people week after week, but you still felt it was your own secret escape.


Unfortunately, these days I haven't found a band that I can enjoy seeing and hearing live who had the qualities of the underground goth sound like bauhaus, Joy Division or The Cure. That is, until I found Daysleeper a few months ago. Imagine my suprise to learn they've been making music since 1999, right here in Miami. Daysleeper is a sort of Post Punk band. Their sound is dark, not entirely black, but a medium shade of grey. Is it even possible to call music today New Wave? If lead vocalist and one of TWO bassists, Alfred Von Blume's Ian Curtis-esque voice isn't enough to be considered New Wave, Perhaps the Synths of Emery Cowan would be the hands down factor. Despite the anomaly of genre one thing is clear as they claim in their bio -“Daysleeper strives to be innovative while maintaining originality and simplicity - creating music with substance.”


Catch Daysleeper

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