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Afrobeta Loves You

Written by  Jen Garcia


Afrobeta’s front woman, Cristina "Cuci Amador" Garcia, takes the stage at Transit Lounge in a red sequined dress, glittery zebra pumps and bright, red lips. With a nod to sound mastermind Tony Smurphio, Amador leads her legions through what can only be described as a blend of 80s alternative- electro-disco pop -something -otherness which renders it impossible to pigeonhole Afrobeta’s genre.

Well, almost anyone. “We are folk-not as in, techno rural ravers,” laughs Amador. “That’s our new genre.”

Amador, a Miami native, credits her time at FSU as the genesis of her musical style.

“After high school I was prime to get out,” recalls Amador. “I wanted something new, live music acts, a college town. I grew so much. I returned to Miami completely different.”

Back on stage, she vigorously dances with a tambourine in hand, mascara running, and sings original songs about secret love or underground sounds which at times, is intermingled with old familiar riffs. And somehow, it all gels.

“When we are on stage, it feels like a celebration,” says Amador. “We are as honest as possible, and the audience returns the positivity. It’s a reciprocal relationship.”

Amador credits artists as diametrically opposed as Tori Amos, Nancy Wilson and Bjork as her musical influences. “I admire people who tell a story through their music,” explains Amador. “I wish to be known as a female singer/songwriter, storyteller and actor.”

These aren’t lofty goals for Afrobeta. With a label deal well on its way, a big announcement is soon expected.

Stay tuned to their blog at www.afrobetalovesyou.blogspot.com or www.myspace.com/afrobeta for more information.

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