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All Hail The Queen - Queen of the Scene

Written by  Jennifer Garcia


“Scorpio,right? I get a really nice vibe from you. You can be a best friend or the meanest bitch,” says DJ Oski, as way of introduction. He is candid and direct, two necessary qualities if attempting to make Miami a music mecca for aspiring musicians.

Local promoters, Queen of the Scene and DJ Oski makeup the music power duo behind Colossal I, Femme Fest, and the Rock. Queen and Oski met online a few years ago and it was their shared disdain of the local music scene that led them to build a music alliance.

“Our hope is to give local bands a platform to perform and grow,” explains Queen. “It’s hard to find live and original music in Miami.”

Together they launched a series of music events where unknown local musicians can cultivate a following, and showcase their talent in venerated locations such as Tobacco Road and Churchill’s Pub.

“We don’t want lazy artists. If you are a local band and you don’t promote, you are playing to no one. Just deaf ears,” says Oski. On this night, Queen and Oski are busy preparing Tobacco Road for Colossal III, a two day event where over 30 bands will perform.

“We want to unify the scene. We don’t have a specific genre of music. Reggae, hip hop, metal, rock, latin -- people and music will cross pollinate,” excitedly explains Oski.

So far the formula has worked. Venues throughout Florida have taken notice and are clamoring for the big audiences and ticket sales their events generate.

But, for Queen and Oski, it comes down to brass basics: “Ultimately, we are just music advocates,” says Oski.

For shows,venues and bookings, visit www.queenofthescene.com or www.myspace.com/sfl_qots.

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