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William Grefe: Godfather of Grindhouse

Written by  Tony Razuri


The rare combination of common sense and artistic bent makes William Grefe a person who always has an eye to both the budget and the overall look and feel of features.

A great sense of artistry and know how to pull off killer films with small budgets keep bringing people hooked on a Grefe film. From his roots as a television writer to his career as a film writer and director, Grefe emerged during a time where Florida Directors were nil and null. Yet he learned to use his environment to create stories that blend good cinema with rude and crude characters that you hate yourself for loving but can't stop watching. Films including Cease Fire (Starring Don Johnson) and Impulse (Starring William Shatner) may have certainly been the begining of assuring Florida's rank as the 3rd biggest Film market in the country, just behind California and New York.

Cult Classics Stanley and Mako: Jaws of Death define the outline of Grindhouse Cinema and is why he is deemed by many as The Godfather of Grindhouse. A recent interview with Underlab Studios for their online VLOG known as The Underlab Show reveals his desire to pass on his knowledge to the future of South Florida filmmakers.

Even famed directors of the latest Grindhouse film, which bought light back to this almost long forgotten genre of films, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez pay homage to this man. He is often invited to The New Beverly Theatre (co-owned by Tarantino) in California to screen his films for new audiences of aspiring Auteurs and movie goers.

Although, long emerged and reached to great heights WE MERGE this man with you to remind us that this South Florida land does breed greatness and whether a painter or filmmaker it is good to know there are people around who can inspire us and push us beyond a limit to a point of infinite potential.
Written by: Daene Luna & J.Vinazza
FROM THE NEW BEVERLY THEATRE ( co-owned by Quentin Tarantino )

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