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DJ Needlez - Bringing Hip Hop Back

“Hey DJ Bring that Back” is the common phrase to make its way from out the thwick thwack chicky chicky sound as a DJ’s hand spins a record. And what is DJ Needlez aim to bring back? Hip-Hop.

Armed with 2 two turntables and a mixer DJ Needlez burst through the South Florida scene from Providence, Rhode Island only so recently but made an exploding sound loud enough for club promoters to quickly take notice.

For 2 years, DJ Needlez had people burning their rooftops at local college campuses throughout Palm Beach County. It wasn’t too long before DJ Needlez decided to take advantage of his successful momentum and founded Brolic Entertainment to host open mic nights, quickly generating a bigger buzz. And with a great buzz, you are sure to find killer bees. Hip Hop Artists quickly gravitate to him as they recognize DJ Needlez was about real music. His selections of classic and contemporary Hip Hop keeps the crowd moving each time.

With Unique Style Studioz now his home base, Needlez has been working diligently on various album projects serving as not only a DJ but as a producer as well. Catch DJ Needlez on his monthly podcast & blog, minimize your browser window while push papers all day and listen this DJ Bring That Real Hip Hop Back.

Visit http://djneedlez.podbean.com/
Contact DJ Needlez for Booking email him @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or Of Course http://www.myspace.com/www.djneedlez.podbean.com

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Sunday, 17 April 2011 19:00

Music: DJ Fono

There is an emerging Palm Beach collective of talented MC's that have been running musical mayhem. Dj Fono is the eye of this storm. His company Roundabout Records has been behind the production of many of our local talents including Dino Ferrari, J Saavy, Cat Shell and many more. 

But Fono is not a just a DJ; he is a musical entrepreneur and has been blessed by a keen sense of the hustle. He makes his rounds down the east contour of our gun shaped state, lighting life on the dance floors of many of our favorite local venues. One may say it's in his blood, and one may be right. Fono's father was a DJ who passed down the finger cutting genes to his two sons. Early on in his childhood Fono was groomed for music. While most 16 year olds were scrubbing toilets at McDonald's, Fono was already getting his DJ career started working for an audio-mixing company in Boca Raton known as R&R Dj's. A lover of beats and sound, DJ Fono brilliantly pounds away silence with his repertoire of Hip-Hop, Dancehall Reggae, Drum & Bass, Electro-House, Dubstep, Funk and Soul.

CSKA, one of Fono's latest progenies has now hit the streets with a new single Drop Down which has the astute producer's electro funk grooves all over it like fingerprints in a crime scene.

And what good is a DJ without an online Mix Show? When the hour strikes 8pm, jump on to www.DJFono.com and catch Roundabout Radio where DJ Fono spins hits and features Live Guests from the local South Florida Music and Art Scene.

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