I don't normally trust promoters, even if they promise themselves to be artists in their introduction the proof is almost always in the hair. Take Don King, for example: He spouts poetry, sure; smiles broadly and can tell one hell of a joke. On the other hand, his hair. . . that straight-up wall of hair of his probably stands straight up by horns made up of the bone marrow of his prodigies (read the fine print guys).

But then there is Chris Da Imperial - poet, local show host and the hook up in South Florida. As an artist and promoter he is here to help the art and poetry community by providing a great forum for performers. But the best part of all: he doesn't have any hair at all so he doesn't need your bone marrow like Don. He doesn't wear linen suits like Elvis nor spew fast tongue gimmick talk, but can be equally amusing. And When he gives poems about the death of hip-hop, I tend to believe him. He holds an open mic twice a week that gets people moving and excited, and the poems he drops never flinch from the truth. You can catch a few of his poems on the web on The Underlab Show. He has been a fixture at Dada's in Delray Beach for a couple of years hosting Poetry Slams (seeing as he's won so many). He is an upcoming force of positive inspiration to an art community in need of some serious resuscitation.

Performance poetry's meant to be seen live, He has achieved a lot and if you want to see this cat, you're going to have to head to one of the events he hosts, and believe me these aren’t your hokey get-togethers where you are networking with folks that won’t get you anywhere but in line for tasteless coffee and more cakes & carbs than Grateful Jay's Smoke shop – Imperial’s events usually contain A&R Reps and some of the sickest talent South Florida has in some of the best Restaurants you can take a date you want to impress to - so please when you meet him … don't mention what I said about the hair.

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