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90's South Florida Rave Culture Returns

Written by Saturday, 22 March 2014 04:52

Underlab Studios is excited to announce our latest project currently in production - The Scene: 90's South Florida Rave Culture. 

2 Years ago on my way to Candyland, one of the longest running parties in South Florida put together by Culture, I discussed with my long time pal David James about doing a documentary about the 90's rave scene we were both a part of. It turns out during the time David James had filmed notable parties such as Zen 96' and The 1st Ultra Music Festival. 

When I got his footage and looked at it, I felt as if I was teleported to a period of time I thought was long lost. It was my Woodstock. It was my Studio 54. It was my Limelight. It was the time of my rebellious youth when I was engulfed in the life of partying hard and listening to music so far ahead of it's time it took this particular decade of the 90's to catapult it into the mainstream gargantuan it is today. 

What I liked the most is footage of respected members of the scene - DJ Eclipse who passed away a few years ago after a successful career in music production and MC Hi-Fi, a drum and bass star in the making taken away from us way too early.  

If you are a DJ, Performing Artist, Promoter, or True Old School Head with a story to tell about your experience during the 90's Rave Scene in South Florida, or if you have Photos, Video Footage you'd like to share please contact: 

David James
Executive Producer of "The Scene"
Associate Producer, Entertainment Factory, LLC
O. (877) 600-FILM (3456)
C. (954) 839-5158



DJ's / Performers: Scratch D (Dynamix II), Prizm, Johnny Dangerously, Hempey, Confusion, Bass Nacho, Justin Scott, DJ Trails, Audio Botz

Promoters: Jason Donovan (Zen Festival)

Party Goers: Lex One, Jodi Bass Monkey, Erika Kay, Sheri Bomb, Jay Bass, Lil Laz (Fever Crew), Yamin Pardo(rave encyclopedia)



Filmmaker: Andrew Colton

Written by Sunday, 17 April 2011 17:03

For some time now, Andrew Colton – a South Florida native - has been facilitating local Artist’s self expression. Through an expansive network of associates, the young entrepreneur has been putting together videos for the past four years. He has worked with multiple production companies, an array of producers, and a plethora of artists. This young savant is quickly becoming the local “go to” man when it comes to getting a video done. Having seen the guy in action myself, this writer can personally attest to the quality work and effort he puts into his projects.


At a young age Colton enjoyed both watching and making his own skating videos. The newest wave of skateboard films which surfaced through the past decade, have progressively become more creative. The added artistic content in these videos helped inspire him to make films of his own. He loves the idea of helping people through his art to express themselves in ways they could not. He considers himself an artist above all things, but an artist that functions as a producer, director, editor and a cinematographer.


Currently, Andrew is working on music videos for “Saint Murder” and “My Amends”, the former of which promises to be one of the goriest spectacles produced by Colton to date. The latter will be debuting at the January Auteur Explosion at Cinema Paradiso.Future projects include other South Florida acts such as


Forty Winters and Epitaph. Keep your eyes peeled for projects spawned from the depths of this Artistocat’s mind.





From both in front of and behind the camera, Alex Marquez has been leaving his mark on the film industry since he was a young boy and in a relatively short career has completed more than fifteen films and music videos.

From his home in Caracas Venezuela, Alex began acting at an early age and at twelve, when Hitchcocks, "Rear Window" came his way, he was in love with the behind the scenes aspects of films. That particular movie made such a sharp memory for him he soon selected the name for his production company to be Rear Window Productions.

Alex Marquez moved to Florida at the age of seventeen, where he began to attend classes at Palm Beach community college and the Florida Atlantic University, achieving an Associate in Arts and a Bachelors degree in communications.

Marquez career in films has been distinctive and distinguished nearly since its inception. Winning The Student Showcase of Film Award in 1999 and 2000 by the Palm Beach International Film Festival for the short films “Love” and “Soap Opera” , Alex also took top billing at the 2004 Voices of Local Films Awards, which was part of the Palm Beach International Film Festival. His films are funny and creative, bringing out the zaniness of his on camera muses.

Recently his Mockumentary / 1st feature film "FILM CONTEST?" won BEST FEATURE FILM by A FLORIDA FILMMAKER for the DELRAY FILM FESTIVAL @ Downtown Delray Beach’s Crest Theater May 24, 2009. "Film Contest?" is a fictitious story mockumenting the tragic events which occurred as a result of the "Shoot Sunshine!" film competition resulting in murder. After five filmmakers are selected to compete for a generous grant to shoot a feature film in the State, Miguel Gonzalez and his documentary crew begin an indiscreet look at the "behind the scenes" stories of the controversial film contest, its bizarre finalists and wannabe organizers.

Alex Marquez is currently developing his second feature length film which is entitled "In a Perfect World".

If you are interested in working with or getting a hold of some his films
Visit: or

If you are looking for a good strip tease and not just a strip, check out the newest in Miami entertainment: Shameless Burlesque.

Since 2008, the troupe: HollyPeño, Morgan La Rue, Audrey Rose Lautrec, and Aurora Natrix, have graced various Miami hotspots with performances that redefine the art of the striptease. Spearheaded by HollyPeño, 35, a Chicago native, the group seeks to combine old Hollywood glamour with a modern, sex kitten vamp twist. Reminiscent of the 1950s, Shameless Burlesque combines humor, fetish and striptease as adult entertainment.
Capitalizing on the burlesque revival sweeping the country by performers such as Dita Von Teese and Michelle L’Amour, HollyPeño prefers to look to the past for inspiration during her performances. “We mix old and new music – old bump and grind jazz along with rock and roll. I’m the Mae West of the group, that’s my attitude,” she laughs, “We are about the strip teases, not the stripping.”

The girls agree that vintage sex appeal is key to their performances, and they deliver on the promise by recreating that era through hair, makeup, music and of course, the performance. “My style is glamour with gowns and full makeup. I go for the classic, burlesque look just like Gypsy Rose Lee,” explains Natrix, 28.

At a recent Vagabond nightclub performance, the girls took to the stage as the Brian Setzer Orchestra’s “Jump, Jive and Wail” tune blared. Peño, La Rue, Lautrec, and Natrix, took their cues by the stage, and dressed as naughty school girls, they shimmied, twirled and stripped down to pasties.
The crowd roared and cheered as Shameless Burlesque gyrated to the music, acting out mini skits of school girl mischief and false modesty. Throughout the act, the crowd shoved toward the stage, trying to get a closer look.

“I just love my girls,” excitedly shouted Peño when Lautrec finished her Catholic school girl set. “The point here is to give people a fantasy, and to give them something to remember and talk about later,” said Peño. Burlesque dancer Natrix agrees, “You have to be glamorous, titillating and intelligent; but also bawdy and sexy.”

American burlesque, which took form as a knee jerk reaction to the strict Victorian mores of the late 19th century, truly became main stream during the late 40s and 50s through performers such as Gypsy Rose Lee and Lily St. Cyr. These performances emphasized the “tease,” and often used Vaudeville-esque humor and elaborate props. Unfortunately, burlesque soon took a back seat in the 60s after the emergence of full strip clubs and Playboy magazine.

Yet, the current revival of burlesque can be attributed in part to the “less is more” flirtatious presentation offered by modern burlesque. As Peño states, “Shameless Burlesque offers something different, a night of total escapism.”

As their act concludes, it is evident Peño loves what she does, “I hunger for the attention. There isn’t anything like this anywhere.” The crowd quickly gathers around and with a wink she says,“Hang on a second, I need to fix my beaver cleavage.”

Even fantasies have their snags.

And so concludes a risqué evening with Shameless Burlesque.

To book a gig with the Shameless Girls, contact Nicole Resnick at 786/252-8995. For a closer look at Shameless Burlesque, visit their website, or visit them online at


Hair & Makeup by: MarleneM Studio7

Repo! The Genetic Opera Gets the Shadow Cast Treatment. - FRANK WOLF

On January 9th 2009 The Shadow Cast Midnight Cinema Performed Repo The Genetic Opera in Fort Lauderdale at Cinema Paradiso [503 SE 6th ST Fort Lauderdale Florida USA] becoming one of the 1st casts in the World to do so. The Midnight Cinema Cast is lead by Frank Wolf Connell and Morrighan White.

There are now at least 30 other shadow casts performing Repo with new shows popping up all over the US and around the world.
A Shadow Cast is a group of actors who re enact a film in costume. This is generally performed in front of the Film as it is being played. The tradition was taken from the Rocky Horror Picture Show where as part of the audience participation rituals fans recreated the costumes to wear to screenings on the weekends and at local showings of the movie. The fans have gone to great lengths to be as faithful to the designs as possible. The quality of these costumes range from the unrecognizable to faithfully screen accurate replicas.

Midnight Cinema performed the musical number Zydrate Anatomy in full costume for the first show on Jan 9th 2009. They then added scenes over the course of Repo! The Genetic Opera’s 35mm run at Cinema Paradiso. The Initial run was from Jan 9th to Jan 20th by the time we were done we had performed the majority of the show in full costume they also added to their cast. Since a two month hiatus due to the local Renaissance Fair, Midnight Cinema’s first fully blocked and costumed Show on March 20th 2009 sold out and it has continued to sell out almost every show since.

They started as a Rocky Horror Shadow Cast and have expanded to doing Repo! The Genetic Opera, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Once more with feeling and are in pre production for Sweeny Todd and Labyrinth. Midnight Cinema is based out of Cinema Paradiso in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The Next show is the big Halloween double Feature on Saturday October 31st Repo the Genetic Opera at 10pm Followed by The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Midnight.

Midnight Cinema is always open to people who wish to help by joining Cast, Crew, or by making Donations of any form, so please send us a message if you would like to be involved!

Master Juice: The Art of Beatdown

Written by Saturday, 08 January 2011 22:10

Don't let the flashy pseudonyms fool you, Master Juice AKA Lord Phoenix is a real deal in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Real name Jean Le Grand is a family man whose talents include: Executive Protection, Personal Training, Community Organization, Musician, Humanitarian, and Master Martial Arts Instructor with multiple black belts including Kung Fu & Ninjitsu. Please don't test him unless you already lost your teeth playing hockey. Oh yeah, ladies: he does have the body to match it as his modeling and acting career prove. Star of local films such as Bulletfist: No Honor in Regret and up-and coming Self: Direction 7 show off his skills in choreography and just plain KICKING ASS.

Also, his instructional self-defense facilities are open to all comers, with a focus placed on the education and training of underprivileged youth across the country. He teaches discipline, respect, and confidence while conditioning and training the body to be an effective weapon, when pushed to any limit. Visit www.Lost and

There is something to be said about a positive educational establishment in a community, especially when, at least on the surface, it will be associated with one of the most brutal sports in the modern era. Let's face it: Mixed Martial Arts has taken the place of boxing in the realm of popular brutality. But the training facility that Le Grand is building is as much based on positive training and community building as it is the fine art of "beat down" - talk about contrast in art. Lost Legacy Systems is not just his company name but an actual fighting system which combines the top fighting styles in the world. Le Grand channels a sort of energy that helps young people and families alike come to explore their own potential.

Of course, looking good while you're doing it is all part and parcel of the game, too. Ladies and gentlemen, there's more to the realm of mixed martial arts than kicks and grapples. Maybe after an afternoon training session with Le Grand, you'll begin to see that. In the meantime, find a way to channel the angst you've built up with this disciplined master's tutelage.


According to Master Juice (LORD PHOENIX)


I write this as a guideline or handbook for the survival in Life for the INDIVIDUAL. It will instill or remind those of their moral values, common sense, and loyalty that is lost in each year a person ages due to being desensitized by what society has added to one’s Life. I will keep it short and sweet and straight to the point. I am a REALIST so if I offend any….. TOO FREAKING BAD!!!! MAN UP AND GROW A SET!!!

Chapter One: Calculations
One plans success in his or her life and by doing so takes mental stimulation and inspiration in order to have a passion to bring forth your dreams. One must be very careful how much of their ideas you will share with other for others can be leeches to ones artistic creations, plans, and dreams. Your dreams soon become theirs and they walk with it as if it is theirs. Plan accordingly and build a good strong team. Take time to evaluate each individual - not only by observation but by history. Keep in mind some followers become leaders. As a leader, we must expect and accept one to grow for they also have dreams. Keep people close to you who are honest, open, and creative so the energies will flow where all can be revitalized and grow. Your best man might not be there forever so you must build many best men so that when the time comes, you almost immediately have someone stepping in his or her place. The world revolves around recycling and evolution. ACCEPT THIS!!!

Chapter Two: Doing Battle
What happens when someone does steal your ideas and feels there is nothing you can do about it? I mean, you go beat his ass and you go to jail, right!!!??? That’s not what you want to do unless you know a NINJA of course! . It’s not so much about getting even, it’s more of the Element of Surprise! What I mean is: Why respond to a person who is screaming at you by screaming at him or her back? Kill them with kindness and calmly respond very formally with a smile. They won’t know how to take it. Who do you think looks stupid? Strategically plan and protect your resources immediately by building your empire just to rise and take back what it yours!!! Let those who took the other side see what could have been and should have been. Blood is bitter sweet!!!

Chapter Three: Planning Attacks
Patience is everything! Have very good advisers because your mental state at the time can be that of anger and you will need those with stable heads to go to and assist you with seeing things clearly. These will be your elders or head advisers. Understand it could take months before the plan of attack is a go. The plan must be almost foolproof. The hardest part will be not throwing what you are up to in your enemies face. When you get this feeling that’s when you know your plan is flawless!!

Chapter Four: Formation
Covering your angles and corners is a must. Be sure to take the right steps to cover your ass and make what is yours all yours. Copyright, trade mark, register, or voodoo (lol) whatever it takes to get their bloodclott rass!!! Once you do this, let them use your idea and build its name so that when you do take over the name it is already well known to the masses! Or, you can sue them for whatever money its worth and the mental anguish it put you through and still get your idea back! Again, it can take months to reap the benefits, but with patience you, will be more than happy you did.

Chapter Five: Force

Force is a word taken too literally for it's meaning. When I say "force" I think of the game of Chess. You must think 3 to 5 steps ahead of your enemy in order to force them to make a move you want them to make. NUFF SAID!!!

Chapter Six: Weakness and Strength
This is when you sum up your enemies pros and cons about them. This will help determine the proper steps you are to take to make your plan successful. You find their strengths and look for ways to transform them into weaknesses. Always understand with strength comes weakness and vice-versa. They need each other to co-exist. Keeping that in mind, this is the formula of how the world and universe we live in works.

Chapter Seven: Struggle
Take note of your struggles and look to improve self constantly. We are not all perfect but we can make things perfect for us and to us! Your mind is so powerful that it can set you in the wrong direction when looking for ways to get back what is yours. This is because we get too emotional. It is always good to sit with you advisers and express how one feels. Its therapy that works! Also take note of your enemy’s struggles. Especially if they are using your name and idea, it won’t be hard to track down what and when they do things. Get feedback from others and store it in your enemy files. This will make your ART OF WAR that much sweeter!

Chapter Eight: Changes
Life is change and change is evolution. Each second, minute, hour, day, month, year, decade, and century goes through a transformation. We as individuals go through this transformation. Truthfully speaking, how well do we know ourselves? Can you tell yourself what it takes to assist you to a healthier lifestyle or what it really sincerely takes to make you happy? I don’t think so. Not everything works for everybody the same way it works for another. We must take the time to love self and know of self and learn of self before we put that energy into the next person.

Chapter Nine: Army Maneuvers

This is where your dedicated squad comes in. This squad consist of those who know both sides and can determine who was wrong and know what the right thing to do is. It is always a touchy situation when a group of friends are separated and some take sides and others stay neutral. A chain isn’t a chain once this occurs. Links are broken obviously. It’s up to you as an individual or group to maintain their friendship but I advise you let them know how you feel and where you stand. They will always respect you for that. If they don’t then they are not true friends. Your true friends will listen out for what the enemy is doing and report back to you. They will not accept anything the enemy offers, for value of friendship is MOST important, rather than to sell yourself out to fame and recognition.

Chapter Ten: Ground Formation

Stand your ground in what you believe in. You will have those tell you otherwise. Everyone will have their own opinions but at the end of the day you will have the final say and decision. Again, when in doubt go hear your advisers out.

Chapter Eleven: Spiritual Grounds

Always good to give thanks and recognition to the Most High you believe in and/or worship. Faith is very important to one’s life. It is the foundation to one's inner self (most Ways of Life and Religions know universally as their deity, God). Pray, chant, meditate, move, dance, sing, smile, stretch, and laugh. Exercise your inner being for this is what reflects on the outside.

Chapter Twelve: Fire Attacks
Now finally you are ready to release your wrath on your enemy. Your months of planning, and improving self has successfully paid off. Don’t throw it in their face when your time to shine has unfolded but formally smile showing that you have successfully defeated them through strategic planning and patience. Your Fire will be Water for you have learned through your lessons that you need to balance things out to get a better result. Their fire will be fire and they will burn themselves out. So sad but too bad!

Chapter Thirteen: Using Spies
Of course after all is done, they will be looking for ways to get back at you but STREETS ARE WATCHING. Your spies are everywhere and you are kept abreast of all that goes on. You are the Master Chess Player. They will have no real way to get even with you but to accept a LOSS and DEFEAT.


Don’t eat from the hand that feeds you beyotches for when the smoke clears your ass is going with it!!!

Father, Son, Master Instructor and Founder of Martial Arts System, High Performance Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist, Fitness Model, Music Producer and Manager, Writer, Photographer, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Mentor, Counselor and Adviser to many, and most importantly A REALIST!
To contact or stay in touch with Master Juice: (

William Grefe: Godfather of Grindhouse

Written by Saturday, 08 January 2011 21:41

The rare combination of common sense and artistic bent makes William Grefe a person who always has an eye to both the budget and the overall look and feel of features.

A great sense of artistry and know how to pull off killer films with small budgets keep bringing people hooked on a Grefe film. From his roots as a television writer to his career as a film writer and director, Grefe emerged during a time where Florida Directors were nil and null. Yet he learned to use his environment to create stories that blend good cinema with rude and crude characters that you hate yourself for loving but can't stop watching. Films including Cease Fire (Starring Don Johnson) and Impulse (Starring William Shatner) may have certainly been the begining of assuring Florida's rank as the 3rd biggest Film market in the country, just behind California and New York.

Cult Classics Stanley and Mako: Jaws of Death define the outline of Grindhouse Cinema and is why he is deemed by many as The Godfather of Grindhouse. A recent interview with Underlab Studios for their online VLOG known as The Underlab Show reveals his desire to pass on his knowledge to the future of South Florida filmmakers.

Even famed directors of the latest Grindhouse film, which bought light back to this almost long forgotten genre of films, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez pay homage to this man. He is often invited to The New Beverly Theatre (co-owned by Tarantino) in California to screen his films for new audiences of aspiring Auteurs and movie goers.

Although, long emerged and reached to great heights WE MERGE this man with you to remind us that this South Florida land does breed greatness and whether a painter or filmmaker it is good to know there are people around who can inspire us and push us beyond a limit to a point of infinite potential.
Written by: Daene Luna & J.Vinazza
FROM THE NEW BEVERLY THEATRE ( co-owned by Quentin Tarantino )

Director: Aiden Dillard

Written by Saturday, 08 January 2011 21:30

Overt sexuality, graphic violence, gore and nudity were synonymous with Troma films. Cult hits like The Toxic Avenger, Tromeo and Juliet and Cannibal! The Musical still push the b-movie train into classic film history. So when you watch a film by Troma Films' protégé Aidan Dillard, you see the perverse influence of his mentor Lloyd Kaufman, founder of Troma Entertainment.

Meat Weed Madness & Meat Weed America, 2 of Dillard's Troma Produced Films premiered in Miami - another milestone for the South Florida film scene. In the tradition of Troma, Aidan maintains a stream of T&A with the gratuitous violence this country cultivated since the sexual revolution of American Cinema. His morally deprived, eccentric characters represent a spectrum of hedonistic American Cultures and push the envelope of decency with much dismay to those who cannot appreciate the art of Pushing Boundaries.

His latest film Death Print premiered August 8th at the Colony Theatre. It stars the likes of notable stars Ted Vernon (Village of the Damned, Hammerhead Jones) & Fetish Goddess Rubber Doll ( ) as well as a slew of others such as Nastie, Otto von Schirach, Cuci Amador, Jose le Rey, Lolo, the TM Sisters, Thug Jesus, Clifton Childree, and a many more. The cinematography and production value give promise to the future of South Florida filmmakers and where it can go from here.

Whether you like to push the envelope in filmmaking or you prefer the more conservative approach, you need to go for the throat, and Aiden takes 2 heads, 2 balls and feeds a corndog to a porn star... now that's how you get attention.

Film Director - J.Vinazza

Written by Thursday, 08 November 2007 11:04

There’s really nothing more entertaining and inspiring than watching a quality locally-produced independent film. A local avante guard filmmaker and 2004 graduate from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale named J. Vinazza is here to inspire and entertain us all with his eye-catching films that draw on his experiences as a poet, painter, and graffiti artist.

One thing that makes J. Vinazza’s films so unique is the fact that none of his characters are portrayed by trained professional actors. Instead, he casts his films with local rappers, musicians, and artists and is able to bring out the actor in them with his agreeable and friendly approach to directing.

Motivated by local film competitions, J. Vinazza has released 3 of his best short films within the last year and has experienced a rise in his productivity that is sure to make him one of the most saught after filmmakers in the area. “Bulletfist: No Honor In Regret” was entered into the 2006 48-Hour Film Project, and “Jonny Efficient” was
entered into the 2007 version of the same contest.

His film, “Cut Your Hand on the Good Book,” was entered into the 2007 Grindhouse Deathmatch Contest, sponsored by the Improv Export Co., and won the $100 first place prize.

J. Vinazza’s main project going into the future is the completion of his first feature-length film, entitled “Self: Direction 7.” This film has been in production for the past 5 years and includes an all-star cast of “local celebrities.”