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Music: E2daP

Written by  Tony Razuri


In South Florida there is very underground Horrorcore / Acid Rap music scene with a cult following, lead by popular local acts such as Web Three, Urban Horror Clique, and The J.Hexx Project. Square in the middle is a label on the rise ready to feed South Florida's as well as the entire globe's dark music appetites with a tantalizing smorgasbord of raw hip hop acts. E2DaP Records (pronounced "E to the P"), is headed by dark mind of Horrorcore MC Epitaph.


Recently his label delivered an onslaught of 3 professional releases. The first of which is a self titled LP released by Jersey's own Sullen Mc, it features horrorcore legends Mars and J. Hexx as well as a few other familiar faces (Dj Immortal, Randum Shotz, & Epitaph to name a few). Second up on the list is an experimental, horror themed, Hip Hop EP entitled, "There is No Rest..." all produced by acclaimed producer "J Nyce" of "Psychward". The pseudo-storytelling album revolves around Epitaph's retelling of a horrific sleep study supposedly done in Soviet Union years ago. The final release is the smash hit follow up to last year’s surprisingly successful volume one of the label's debut Horrocore mixtape. Volume Two is entitled "The Descent". It features many of last year’s favorites as well as some of the more established acts in the Horrorcore genre from around the world.


This year’s HC Mixtape murders mainstream instrumentals real Dexter style, with the sharp, edgy, and shocking lyrics spawned from E2DaP and their ever expanding network. You can interact and check out more music from many featured artists on the nefarious


These Releases are neither for the faint of heart nor for kids who are easily disturbed. As a matter of fact, we recommend kids don’t get it at all. No this is for rational and smart individuals who have a fun taste for the macabre, love hip-hop, and know the fictional lyrics of massacring mayhem is all in the spirit of harmless entertainment. Download the Horrorcore Mixtapes Volumes 1 & 2, There Is No Rest..., and other promo tracks FREE @ So get in the know with South Florida’s hottest rising hip hop label, as they produce that artistic, lyrical, east coast, dirty south, and somewhat wicked-ish.– E2DaP Records/Productions/Inc,

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