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Feeling The Heat –Interview with TEEN HEAT

Written by  Tony Razuri


TEENHEAT – no, it’s not the name of some new teeny bopper mag, but the moniker for one of the hottest new rock formations to come out of Coral Springs since New Found Glory. Their unique sound of Emo Rock, Electronic & Pop have created an enormous buzz, which recently lead to their discovery and management by Poe Boy Records (home of Rick Ross, & Flo Rida) upon watching their music video. We asked him if they were going to start a BEEF with Fall Out Boy, but sadly they declined (probably since their album is produced by Scott Rebling – top rock producer for Fall Out Boy). They are now signed to InVogue with rock label mates “Bullets and Belvedere” and “5 Years & Counting” and have a new album out ready to make your fingers burn when you touch the HEAT.

WM : “Ok TEEN HEAT, is it a metaphor for puberty, a play off of teen magazines, tell me where you came up with the name”

Corey Siegel: “Okay well-- it spawned from a friend of mine and I having a discussion of what this electronic/rock/pop thing was going to be called. We had a few that were good but one hit us hard for the sound we are doing, which is Teen Heat- we've been asked if it’s from the porn site or the blood brothers song, neither true, it just kind of meant to us that time in everyone’s life when everything is amplified (emotions, hostility, desire for freedom) and so much more. A lot of the songs deal with what you go through when you go through Teen Heat like the girlfriends and friendships growing up. Our band is electronic and poppy but what separates us a bit from most pop/electronic acts is most of our lyrical contest is pretty serious or emotional not like party- party get crunk if that makes sense.”

Corey Siegel (vocals / keyboards), Spencer Mattlin(lead guitar), John Biddick (Bass) & Antonio Torres (drummer) formed Teen Heat shortly after Corey’s band Cambridge disbanded due to Corey’s partner and drummer leaving the rock life for the conforming institution of law school. Corey wrote the majority of their upcoming debut EP “A Crime In Our City” prior to being scouted by the other 3 members but after being approached by Poe Boy who was interested in branching out to the Rock Scene.

WM : “Ok. So you linked up with Poe Boy before or after you created this new group.”

Corey Siegel:“Before, actually they are what inspired this group to form, they called me asking if I had anything in the making after Cambridge (cause they loved my voice and look) and at the time I was working on kind of this throwback Emo (Jimmy, TBS, Mineral) type project solo but I scrapped those ideas and decided to redo everything and try something a bit more complex and more fun! So I started forming the band while I was writing the album”

WM : “So you were even writing the album before Poe Boy got a hold of you?”

Corey Siegel: “I was writing the Emo throwback, weird softer project before they did but them showing me the studios id be working in and some of the level of artists, I scrapped it for what is now Teen Heat.”
Their unique sound blends perfectly with what you currently hear on your local Alternative Rock stations with tracks such as “Come On (I’ve Got To Know)” but quickly gives way to the thumping techno breakbeats such as their remix of “Prep The Patient” by techno mastermind The Toxic Avenger. Prep The Patient will be their first single and is surely a great jump off for Teen Heat who most definitely is breaking the mold of what Emo rock is perceived to be. These are not a bunch of whiny kids crying only of broken hearts but offer inspiration to get what you want in the world within their lyrics.

These kids also seem to have business savvy as well with great merch placed throughout their myspace profile. There was much talk in our conversation with the Teen Heat on where this digital age is taking the new generation of music.

WM : I saw the merchandise, I was looking for the Bobblehead then you know you made it.

Corey Siegel: (laughing) Bobblehead equals instant sell out.

WM : It’s all marketing, that's what keeps the music locomotion going. How do you feel about the state of the music game?
Corey Siegel: The music locomotion is. I love it and hate it I suppose.

WM : Is Napster to Blame, or do we need to just evolve with where the market has gone too - the internet?

Corey Siegel: Here is my feeling, the music game as a business is in on the edge of being over. No one buys music anymore and you get a positive and a negative. The positive is that so much more music is accessible and you gain so many more fans by this method (downloading illegally) and yet a negative (besides the musicians/labels not being able to recoup on money spent making a big album) is that music has become tap water, as bono from u2 said there is no value in an album even from your favorite band . Its just a temporary high on your ipod for 2 weeks then another 3 more bands get on. There is no loyalty to an album. There is no invested time or money. It has become about temporary pleasure rather than invested interested - emotionally and financially. They (bands) get money eventually (from merch and shows) but you are taking what used to be a huge pillar of the industry, the third support from the artist

WM : So, do you have any ideas that can help?

Corey Siegel: Its tricky I think it takes two things. An amazing platform (itunes aint it) for music to be shared and embraced and a sense of supporting artists you love by purchasing or even donating to the album/cause. You shouldn’t have to buy every cd - god knows that 90% are trash, but if you hit one that makes you light up you should support somehow. No definitive answer though. All we can do is harness the good from it and gain new fans.

If you haven’t heard of this group, you will. But in the meantime give them a listen and a holler at where we deem is an essential platform for any and all upcoming music artists – MySpace.

Go to Their Album hits stores such as Hot Topic across the south east on Oct. 27th released by InVogue. Be sure to catch their Album Release Party @ Talent Farm Oct. 23rd .

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