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Poet - Asia

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Asia Poetry HBO

Asia is what many spoken word poets aspire to be – accomplished. He is proof that you get out what you put in. After years of putting in work practicing his craft on microphones at various South Florida poetry venues Asia has in a sense “made it.” His long list of accomplishments includes appearing on the TV show “Spoken” on The Black Family Channel, taking 12th place individually amongst almost 800 poets at the 2006 National Poetry Slam Championship in Austin, TX, and taking 5th place in the team competition with his Miami teammates (Chunky, Will Da Real One, & Caheej). Add to that the fact that Asia has also earned himself one of the highest credits in the genre of Spoken Word Poetry – an appearance on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, produced by Russell Simmons. It was on this esteemed show that Asia performed one of his signature pieces, “The Waiting Hour.”

This art school graduate and corporate world expatriate of Filipino descent can serve as an example to all poets who desire to build up their credentials until they can reach what is most likely their ultimate goal – to make poetry into a career. Asia has done just that, and that is why We Merge him with you.

For more information on Asia, and to purchase his latest release, “Project: Breath” please go to or

(excerpt from) “THE WAITING HOUR”
There’s never a proper response
when you’re sitting at the doctor’s office
as he proceeds to tell you
those are cancer cells they found in your body
My doctor doesn’t wait for one
But rather -
He takes my distant stare
into the sterile white wall
as his cue to tell me to
stay positive
After all,
research shows that if treated early
testicular cancer has a 95% survival rate
And just then
I was tempted to say
95% means nothing if
destiny doesn’t intend me
to be a part of that statistic
But I bite my tongue
Kept my eyes fixated across the room
waiting until he was done
explaining the process
of what’s meant to happen next
He says
Step 1
involves cutting a 4” incision
beneath my belly
Then with a probe,
guide the entire right testicle...


Full Poem Available on Asia’s CD
“Project: Breath”

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