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Book Review : Funky Gorilla Fist - Anthony Pepe

Written by  Renda Writer


Funky Gorilla Fist , in the words of its author, Anthony F. Pepe, is “a story that doesn’t have a moral, carry any weighty social commentary, and doesn’t possess any special philosphoy or higher message. It is just a look back at what one life could have become had it continued unchecked."

Thankfully for us, Pepe’s life didn’t go on unchecked. Instead, it took a turn that brought him to Florida, where he was able to leave behind the debauchery that accompanied his former life as a strip club bouncer to focus his energy on writing.

With plenty of experience to draw from, he penned a 124 page novella with enough gruesome detail to actually bring the reader into his former world – a world where three men beat another man with bats for hitting on the wrong girl and making an off color comment and then proceed to place $1,000 bets on how many minutes it will take for him to die. It’s also commonplace in this world to answer the door with a cigar in your mouth, a beer in one hand, an issue of Hustler magazine in the other, and an erection when it’s a pair of friendly Jehvah’s Witnesses knocking.

Obviously not a book for everyone, “Funky Gorilla Fist” does require a reader with an open mind and a strong stomach, but there is no discounting the fact that every chapter is well written and the character development is as worthy of praise as that of any bestseller on your local bookstore shelf.

Although the author might consider this book to be a mere look back at a former life that he says in his closing statement maybe shouldn’t have even been written, I believe it to be a vividly entertaining movie on paper and a quick read that is hard to put down before reading the very last word. To order your copy of Funky Gorilla Fist, go to .

Written by Renda Writer -

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