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Marc Paper Scissor - Part of the Solution

Written by  Renda Writer


Marc Paper Scissors
Marc Paper Scissors

MarcPaperScissor - Never has a moniker for a young and talented artist more aptly described who he is and what he does. His name is Marc, and all he uses to meticulously create some of the most colorful, original, and thought provoking art since Peter Max is colored card stock Paper and a pair of Scissors.

Three years ago, while sometimes attending class at The University of Central Florida in Orlando, Marc was watching a lot of TV and ruminating somewhat solemnly on the unsteady direction of our planet’s future. Frustrated, concerned, and inspired, Marc jumped on the latter side of the phrase, “Either you’re a part of the problem, or a part of the solution.”

He withdrew from society and entered into a hermit-like artistic incubation period, creating the initial pieces of what he calls, “paper art.” Images of brains, clocks, atoms, televisions, the Earth, and men in suits became reoccurring icons, all designed to work together in a way that would serve to get the viewers thinking. The goal was to get them to think about the world of corruption, depleted resources, and corporate dominance that we live in.

He’s fulfilled the production side of his goal, so now all he needs is the exposure. Due to his young age and inexperience with the business side of art, Marc has yet to exhibit his work at a gallery (with the exception of a showing at Florida Atlantic University’s Davie campus).

However, that won’t be the case for long. Living close to many of Ft. Lauderdale’s newest and hottest galleries and having spent another productive stretch of time as a recluse – this time creating the ultimate self promotion tool, his website ( – Marc is now ready to introduce the world to a style of art with a message that it desperately needs to see. Recently, Marc realized that with trees being cut down at an alarming rate, maybe creating art solely out of paper could place him more on the “problem” side than the “solution” side of the Earth’s tragic equation. And what sparked this realization? Once again, it was the TV - specifically, a program about actor/activist Woody Harrelson’s crusade to save the environment.

This is why Marc’s plans for the immediate future include launching a series of “recycled paper art.” And whose help is he seeking in launching such a bold and noble venture? Mr. Woody Harrelson himself. So, Woody, if you’re reading this… just know that WE are looking to MERGE you with MarcPaperScissor. But let’s also let it be known that there’s more to MarcPaperScissor than just a need to awaken our collective consciousness one colored paper cut-out at a time.

He is also working on a children’s book, which will utilize his own poetry and will of course be fully illustrated with “paper art.” The yet untitled book will tell the story of a man who flies to Mars to test his theory that the planet is made out of jelly. And, as a part-time musician, Marc has found his way into the socially conscious jam band scene, allowing him to introduce his art to all the jam band followers and festival (Langerado, Bonaroo, Burning Man, etc) goers.

For more information and to purchase prints please visit “Reality is normality, and I am just trying to be different.”

Written by Renda Writer

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