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Samantha Shiff - Wildchild Artist Bleeds for Art

Written by  Tony Razuri


With a combination of youth, brains and beauty, wildchild artist Samantha Leah Shiff is bringing an edge to the South Florida Art Scene. She recently exhibited at South Florida’s new Art hot spot Auteur Explosion at Cinema Paradiso, where she was a hit amongst the creative seekers that visit the event each month. Upon exhibiting some of her Acting chops, she was approached by the theatres manager Frank Wolf to join the acting troupe for Repo the Genetic Opera, and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Growing up the daughter of an Architect and a Singer, Shiff was raised with deep art consciousness. She has once said "The reason why my life is so colorful is because of art and its influence on my life. I have a knack for pushing the limits, tearing down boundaries, and shocking people with my work, It’s what I live to do." And if living for art means you would bleed for art, Sam has done that as well. A notable piece entitled “Bleeding for Love” depicts a contour expression a couple lip-locking. What makes this piece interesting is that it was painted with blood saved from an accident. Ouch. But that is what makes it art, when you use these unappealing moments in life to create beauty, and that is how Samantha expresses herself.

Another interesting piece would be a self-portrait done in the style of Chuck Close, by creating blocky color variations to form a portrait or large image. He amongst many artists like Jackson Pollock and Ralph Steadman inspire Sam to push the edge of defining how one does or calls art. Perhaps this will also translate into her transition as an auteur as she is currently in development of a short film based on Allen Ginsburg’s “HOWL.”

To Contact Shiff for Modeling, Acting or Commission Work
Visit http://www.wix.com/samanthashiff/samanthashiffart

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